[Infographic] Five steps to building a profitable PPC feedback loop

15 Oct 2019 in

Has your data been working hard enough for you lately? If you receive calls to make bookings, enquiries, or sales over the phone then it's time to implement a highly efficient feedback loop with your bidding platform, call tracking platform, and CRM system to optimise the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Doing this with Infinity is precisely what earned Blue Bay Travel a nomination in the upcoming UK Search Awards. They took their call data, used Infinity and our integrations to analyse what was leading to the clicks that led to calls, and put that data to use.

To help you get started, we have put together this infographic covering the steps you need to take, and roughly how long it will take.


Want to find out more about how Blue Bay Travel have been working with Infinity? Read the case study here.

What could you do next?

Building this feedback loop is a smart, and frequently profitable, activity that many of our clients have reaped the benefits of. But that’s not the only thing you can do with call intelligence.

Conversation Analytics

A Conversation Analytics suite enables you to automatically monitor when specific keywords are used on calls, find where they are used, identify payments, and redact sensitive information. All calls are catalogued, easily searchable, and scored based on your ratings.

Here, Mark Woodcock - The Telegraph’s Commercial Director for travel - talks about how they have been using it to highlight when callers to their partners have mentioned certain destinations or terms to indicate a payment has been made.



Optimize to test A/B variations of your site

Identify how tweaks on your site are impacting the number and type of calls coming in. This could be used to increase sales calls coming in for big orders, or could be used to provide better information online to minimise basic support calls (see how Sky did this here).

Infinity integrates with multiple platforms for optimising your website pages for conversions, as well as many other use cases and we’re always adding more.

Encrypted SIP

Infinity is the only call intelligence provider to offer encrypted SIP calls for an unmatched level of security. This is offered at no additional cost, and will help protect your customers’ privacy.

This is very much a precautionary step, but highlights how call tracking is determined to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting data.

Intelligent routing

If a caller comes in based on a campaign for a specific product, it makes sense that they speak to one of your specialists in that product.

Intelligent routing enables you to direct callers to your chosen sales agents if the call came in off the back of a certain campaign. This increases the likelihood of a conversion, and gives the best possible experience to your customers who want to find out more.

Caller insight

Call handlers are able to see how a caller came to your website, as well as the pages they visited and where they were when they made the call. This enables them to give a more personalised service, understanding what they may already know or be interested in, as well as getting insight into relevant products or services to recommend.

Start a conversation

Every call matters, this is why Infinity is devoted to helping you understand what happens before, during, and after each one. We’d love to discuss your challenges and how we can help you overcome them. Start a conversation with us via the form here, or using the chat box to your right.

Want to learn a bit more? See how Infinity is already working with many travel brands here.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

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