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20 Dec 2021 in

Merging Infinity and ResponseTap has not only seen two companies become stronger and more expansive in our offering to customers, but it’s also resulted in the blending of a diverse range of skills, talents and capabilities of our employees.

In our next round-up of Highlights and Insights, who better to fill us in on how the merging of the two companies has impacted our teams than, Emma Morrow, Lead People Business Partner at Infinity? Read on to learn more:

"Hi Emma! This year has seen a lot of change for employees - can you tell us how unifying ResponseTap and Infinity is - and will - continue to benefit our people?"

We’re maximising opportunities for all of our colleagues so that everyone is supported to thrive professionally and personally. We’ve created a fantastic working culture where some of our key focuses are our new revised company values which is really going to help drive our staff and our business forward.

Bringing two fantastic teams together has meant we’ve consolidated our resources and we’re seeing greater benefits of both teams working collaboratively. We’ve pooled our different ways of working, different ideas and talents and it’s driving us forward to be the best we can be.

"What has been your highlight of the year?"

One of the events I'm especially proud of is being winners of the Make a Difference Awards which was in recognition of our support towards our colleagues’ wellbeing throughout the pandemic. The other highlight has been the merging of ResponseTap and Infinity, which has been a phenomenal achievement for us all. We’re so much stronger together now and the professionalism of our colleagues and the willingness to make it all work has been fantastic.

"What are you looking forward to next year?"

We have ambitious plans in the People team! We’ve used the year to collate our colleagues’ feedback, re-evaluate our company values and focus on employee engagement - the experience has really anchored us to go into 2022 in a strong position.

"What has been a key milestone for you this year?"

I have loved working on our Company Values! Over the summer, we started the journey to embed our existing Infinity values, but we found that, after merging ResponseTap with Infinity, our values no longer resonated with us. We decided to kickstart the process and go back to the drawing board and were thrilled to receive a high percentage of employees participating to offer ideas of what our values should (and could) be. Our new values are ‘real’ and authentic for us today, but also, they’re aspirational for our future.

"We’ve had some new starters join recently - what should they be most excited about?"

New colleagues have a great opportunity to make a real difference in the business, to grow, develop themselves and shape their career in line with their aspirations, ambitions and interests.

Recently, we’ve been delighted to have new VPs join our teams who are adding a real depth of skill and expertise. We’ve reached an exciting point in our journey as a business so we’re currently recruiting for a variety of different roles across our teams.

Supporting our colleagues’ health and wellbeing is also a major focus for us and an area that we’re continuing to discuss more openly and champion initiatives to make sure our colleagues are happy and healthy. And, as well as offering those all-important perks such as private medical, hybrid working and buy & sell holidays, we have great office environments and we also see spending time together in social settings really important too, which helps maintain a sense of community and family amongst our colleagues.

Personally, I'm really proud of our working culture, our new company values and the high-performing and talented people across all of our teams.

"Can you tell us about the plans for the growth of the team?"

We’re planning to add new skills and capabilities to our teams, acknowledging that we have a lot of skill and talent internally too and want to give our people as much chance to explore new opportunities in their career. There’s a lot of scope for personal growth and development and this is an area we’re committed to for our staff.

We’ve talked about the coming together of Infinity and ResponseTap, the evolution of our teams, the major changes and our future plans across some of our key teams but there’s more! Don’t miss out on our last (but not least!) instalment of our Highlights and Insights series as we chat with Maria Psaltaki, Chief Product Officer.

She’ll give us a sneak peek into the evolution of Infinity’s product roadmap, how it’s making a difference across our teams and for our customer for now and in the year ahead.

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Michelle Param

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