Four fast tactics to get ahead in 2020

7 Jan 2020 in

As we venture into a new decade, a wave of unbridled potential awaits us all.

But, as is common with life, with the sweets often comes the sour. Uncertainty can be potential’s silent companion on the road to success.

To navigate these unclear waters ahead, we’ve cast the net wide amongst marketers for a mixture of opinions of what 2020 will mean for the marketing industry.

We spoke to a broad mix of senior industry figures and siphoned four big ideas to take into 2020.

5G and beyond

High-speed connectivity means increased impatience from customers and an even more competitive market. With 5G networks now rolling out across the globe, there are ample opportunities to evolve your customer's experience and expectation. Building an offering that takes advantage 5G enabled devices will help keep you relevant as the marketplace progresses.

“5G-enabled capability will begin to pave the way in redefining what it means to exist within a high-speed, connected society. AI chatbots, smart-tech and big data will bring an evolved level of automation, learning, and personalisation to our digital world. Those that ignore the tide of change in this regard may swiftly lose their competitive advantage on track, and exploiting customer patterns.”

Tye Rapley-Hawkins | Senior Delivery Manager, O2 Priority

The next-gen smart device

Along with AI, smart devices can sometimes dominate the conversation in any marketing circle. And it’s no wonder, as the global IoT market was forecasted to be worth $1.7 trillion dollars in 2019 (that’s £1.3 trillion).1

But, what will the next generation of smart devices look like in 2020?

“In 2020, Smart devices will become the norm from ovens to toothbrushes and will completely re-define the sales funnel. We will start seeing e-commerce sites fall behind if their products cannot be ordered using just the voice.”

“For example, if a toothpaste brand can't be ordered from a smart brush, the manufacturer could fall behind. If a makeup brand can't be ordered from a smart mirror, they will also fall behind. Brands need to be aware of what smart items might impact them. It's a massive opportunity as much it is a threat.”

Aled Nelmes | Digital Marketer, Diploma MSc

The all-seeing agency

In crowded industries differentiation is key, and agencies are no exception. They’re all packed with brilliant creative minds, and experts with know-how. So, what advice can a prolific agency worker give us on how to cut through the noise?

“Agencies need to improve how they help clients with data/feeds and attribution. Many clients now have an equal MarTech platform, so what will elevate them above their competition when this used to be the difference? Data and feeds will. Being able to ingest and collate data is one part of the problem, then having a scalable data feed is important. Then with a single customer view, agencies can be more targeted with the right strategies to drive quality traffic. Attribution is then invaluable.”

James Perrott | Managing Director, 56K Digital

A talent-led influence strategy

Fake pancakes, social blade secrets, and far too many #goodvibes dominated the influencer community in 2019. With distrust awash amongst influencers and brands, William Soulier, of Talent Village, says it’s time to reconstruct trust bridges.

“Certainly, one of the biggest challenges the industry faced in 2019 was the vociferous headlines and editorial pieces forecasting the demise of influencer marketing. We predict 2020 will be about rebuilding trust in the industry, which can be achieved by working with true talent over and above the influence.”

“By adopting a talent-led approach, we are better able to solve growing concerns regarding fake followers, promote diversity and increase advocacy as we continue to focus on building long-term partnerships and deliver authentic and credible results.”

William Soulier | CEO and co-founder, Talent Village

In agreeance with William is Tye Rapley-Hawkins, Senior Delivery Manager at O2, who told Infinity

“Separating fact from fiction, in the eyes of the consumer will be paramount, as well as being seen as an advocate for authenticity, and customer loyalty.”

Infinity goes beyond

If you fancy taking a look back at what other marketing wizards have been discussing in 2019, you can check out our award-winning blog series “In Conversation With”.

Have a fantastic new year, from all at Infinity.


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