January Hubdate: New updates to explore

Andy Vale

By Andy Vale
3 Jan 2024

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As we enter the New Year, you may have thought the time for gift-giving was over. But treats in the way of a smoother, more functional experience for Infinity customers have been gliding down the chimney steadily over the last few months.  

We've got some super exciting things lined up this year, but before we kick off 2024’s new releases, we wanted to share a quick peek at some of the updates we’ve recently been working on. 

Let’s crack on with the first Hubdate of 2024:

Agent ID in Smart Match

Our latest update for Smart Match opens the door for many of our clients to take advantage of our agent ID functionality. Now, you can assign revenue and outcomes to the agents responsible within the Hub.

What this means for you: Gather more insight into performance in one place. As a result, you won't need to chop and change across platforms. It also provides a platform to take advantage of many other agent-focused uses, like those using Scorecards or outbound call tracking.

Salesforce integration: A more nuanced view

Our Salesforce integration now differentiates between the types of calls sent into Salesforce based on the IVR path that has been taken.

Only want to see sales calls in Salesforce? We can do that. If you’d prefer to only see support calls, we can do that, too.

What this means for you: Gain a clearer, more personalised CRM integration that better reflects the engagements you want to see.

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification

A lot of our clients take card payments over the phone and use Infinity to understand the journeys, conversations, and relationships that lead to those payments. But as Spiderman (sort of) said, with great opportunity comes great responsibility.

Infinity has already spent years adopting a high standard of data security, it’s baked into everything we do. But, we've now taken the time to work with the relevant regulatory bodies to show we're meeting stringent industry standards to protect sensitive customer payment data.

Earning and maintaining this certification ensures all card data we use is handled securely. This follows the same fundamentals the banking industry has to adhere to.

What this means for you: Take card payments over the phone with confidence that you’re working with a responsible partner, whose technology and practices are vetted to a very high standard.

Greater control over your Custom Variables

Your business is unique, so it makes sense you'd also want to measure actions or traits unique to your business. Our custom variables can now be set to a wider mix of clicks around a page, giving you greater intel into how you quantify or catalogue your leads.

Maybe they looked at a pricing drop-down, engaged with a chatbot, or expanded an image of your most desirable beachfront cabana with your signature cocktail.

Knowing this helps you identify their position in the buyer journey, their likelihood to purchase, or how people interact with certain parts of your user experience.

What this means for you: Get a more refined view of how your audience engages with your website and how that leads to calls. Result? Use this insight to optimise key touchpoints.

Third-party reference number? No problem!

Many third-party platforms may have their own reference numbers for calls, which are sometimes different from the reference numbers we have for them. This shouldn’t be a barrier to providing smart, efficient, cross-platform analytics.

If you have a call’s reference number from another platform or marketplace, Infinity finds those calls quickly and easily.

What this means for you: Quickly and easily find what you’re looking for, and continue to integrate Infinity seamlessly with your tech stack.

See what matters in your scorecards, quicker

A lot of focus has gone into building greater customisation and smoother analysis capabilities for our Scorecards that launched last year.

You can now split your scorecard view by agents and the components that make up the call. For example, you could filter all calls by a certain agent when they hit a defined scoring criteria.

This means you can see problem areas and troubleshoot faster, or pinpoint key areas that are consistently leading to success.

What this means for you: Speed up the time it takes to find the calls you want and reap the rewards in no time.

Scorecards: Average Scoring

It takes all sorts to make a good call. A jovial greeting, key questions, details taken, compliant terms, and a satisfactory outcome for everyone – all of which can be scored.

But how do you know what a good score looks like for these elements of a call?

Our Scorecards now collect an average score for any component of a call, giving you a benchmark to measure specific agents, teams, or locations.

What this means for you: Pinpoint broader strengths and weaknesses across agents and teams quicker, leading to far more effective training and skills sharing.

Luxembourg Telco Regulatory Compliance

Infinity is proud to be the call intelligence partner of choice for international enterprise businesses, and our services are available in over 75 countries and counting.

We've recently received confirmation that we are following the compliance measures required to provide our services to businesses operating in Luxembourg

What this means for you: If you’re active in Luxembourg, Infinity can operate here. Give us a shout if you aren’t already using us there.

If you’re not active in Luxembourg, it still shows you’re working with an active, responsible partner for multi-national companies and we're adding more all the time.

More secure accounts

We’re always looking for ways to bolster the security and reliability of our platform. If someone tries to log into an account more than five times with an incorrect password, that account will be locked to protect it from potential attacks.

Remember, if you can't remember a password, you can always request a reset.

What this means for you: Increased security of your data and account. This is particularly important for businesses in finance sectors and other highly regulated industries.

Want a first go?

Our beta programme is always giving our clients a first look at new products, integrations, and ways to work with Infinity. It’s an opportunity to get the benefits first, while also helping us understand how to evolve our offering to help you generate impressive results.

Without giving too much away, we're currently working on:

  • A solution to score leads
  • AI-powered insight delivery
  • A brand new, intuitive Hub
  • More channels to connect calls and customer journeys
  • Advances to our Conversation Analytics suite

Want to learn more about any of these beta projects? Join us or speak to your Customer Success Manager to see what opportunities are on offer.

In case you missed it...

The last year or so has been ripe with updates, expansions, and improvements to the Infinity call intelligence platform.

Here are a couple of highlights to check out:

Scorecards – Transform your customer experience by seeing how your agents, teams, and locations are performing based on the things that matter to you

Agent ID – Help individual agents reach new heights

Smart Match – Linking revenue and outcomes back to every call and their channel

Outbound calls – The outbound call is a crucial step in the customer journey, so let’s connect it

Keyword packs – A fast-track for analysts wanting to use Conversation Analytics

Google Ads – We’re the only provider in our market who can connect calls to the call extensions, call ads, and location extensions

Facebook & Instagram – Connect additional revenue to your social campaigns

Anything here you fancy? Everything above is covered in our campus. Alternatively, speak to your Customer Success Manager to discuss what solutions are best for you.

More in the pipeline

We don’t sit still at Infinity. We’re constantly speaking to clients about the bigger challenges they’re having, looking at how our platform and people can solve them.

As many of you have seen, we have a bold road map in place with much more to come that you’ll be hearing about soon!

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