How did Promises Behavioral Health boost their high-quality calls and improve the quality of their customer service?

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Boost in relevant calls from marketing activity


Increase in new enquiries from organic traffic


Rise in new contacts from localised marketing


Promises Behavioral Health are a group company that specialise in providing recovery centres dedicated to those suffering from addiction disorders. They have a portfolio of treatment brands across the United States, each of these brands have multiple treatment centres and are committed to providing the highest quality clinical care for their patients.

Promises have had more than 25 years of experience in this field, providing world-class treatment programs and cutting-edge care.

Creating a healthy pipeline of new enquiries with better targeted marketing activities.

The challenge

As a company that provides a long-term, personal service across its various brands, Promises's clients will spend a significant amount of time researching them before picking up the phone to make an enquiry. It’s therefore vital to understand what helps them make a decision, and the key touch points throughout their digital journey.

Promises were using another call tracking service, but without dynamic numbers being provided, they were unable to see the web journeys that led to those calls. Also, with thousands of client relationships to manage they needed a service that automatically linked the calls to their CRM platform (Salesforce), and provided attribution for the many marketing campaigns they were running across different brands and locations. They were performing this task manually, wasting a tremendous amount of hours.

Why Infinity?

The ease that businesses track PPC and SEO campaigns, as well as create fixed numbers for offline marketing highlighted Infinity as a leading choice for Promises. The advanced segmentation that Infinity provides also chimed with Promises's needs for a clear view on how individual clinics across the United States were performing.

This view is strengthened by Infinity’s CRM integrations, clearly linking marketing activity to revenue. Meanwhile, Infinity’s call recording and rating technology offered an exciting opportunity for Promises to consistently improve the standard of their calls. A straightforward implementation across multiple websites, alongside a smooth onboarding process made Infinity a clear choice.

The solution

Infinity reliably and accurately passes data automatically into Salesforce with our Caller Insight App for Salesforce, which Promises use to tie marketing activity to commercial outcomes. The time saved from no longer having to do this manually also represented a substantial increase in operational efficiency.

By acting on this data from Infinity to inform both local and national campaigns, Promises optimised their marketing activity with full confidence that they were making decisions based on what their clients were actually responding to. For example, their paid search activity was optimised to focus on cutting out calls that weren’t providing ROI and keeping the ones that were driving value.

Call recording is also used to monitor performance and improve both the efficiency and quality of service delivered by their contact centres. Calls are rated by outcome, and used in training to provide guidance to phone staff in improving client satisfaction. The Eavesdrop feature in particular meant that any phone agent could receive expert guidance mid-call from senior contact centre staff to speed up their training and provide the best possible quality of service to callers.

The outcome

The visibility of having a marketing source for calls, web forms and live chat result in no missing channel or campaign performance data. By using this full picture of attribution, Promises was able to build an accountable, consistently improving marketing funnel with an exceptional level of service. One of their main brands, Promises, achieved the following results:

  • Marketing activity boosted relevant phone calls by 43%
  • Tracking calls from over 20 different channels to individual treatment centres
  • Increased new enquiries from organic search by 34%
  • Percentage of overall calls from paid search decreased by two fifths
  • 26% rise in new contacts from localised marketing
  • Despite a rise in overall call numbers, contact centre efficiencies meant calls were being answered quicker

The reliability of Infinity’s call intelligence - aligned with the strength of our Customer Success team - has been the bedrock of a relationship with Promises that has lasted for years. Infinity ensured Promises were given their own hand-picked Customer Success Manager, whose experience was most relevant to both the industry and the challenges Promises were facing.

What the client says

Infinity has made a big difference to our attribution capabilities. Integrating our Infinity data with Salesforce has made it possible to identify the sources responsible for thousands of our patients that we couldn’t before. The ease of tracking PPC and SEO performance, as well as creating fixed numbers for offline marketing is also a tremendous advantage to us. The Customer Success team is always super responsive too.Sarah Sack | CRM and Business Analytics Manager, Promises Behavioral Health

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