Icelolly turned to Infinity to help fill in the blanks when reviewing their data and to assess if they could reduce their monthly telephony charges.

In this case study, we explain how Infinity worked together with Icelolly to solve these challenges.

The challenge

Icelolly were unable to measure large percentages of their call data as none of their marketing sources were recorded.

Icelolly were spending around 15% of their marketing budget on call tracking, but the data collected was not sufficient enough to make efficiencies or measure the return from their marketing spend. A solution to this would mean an offering of granular data, which in turn would allow them to increase efficiencies and analyse call volumes passed through to their partners.

Icelolly’s existing setup meant that calls were unable to be automatically passed through to the correct advertiser. As a result, they were incurring substantial telephony costs from call forwarding charges.

Why Infinity

Infinity’s infrastructure includes features that handles and reports on partner calls. This allowed Icelolly to further reduce costs by only having one provider covering their requirements.

The solution

Infinity recommended a phased project plan executed by Icelolly, which consisted of the following phases:

  • Phase One: Implemented Infinity’s call tracking product alongside Icelolly’s current telecoms solution.
  • Phase Two: Integrated Infinity with the following partners using the available out of the box integrations:
    • GA premium
    • Marin
    • Affiliate Window
  • Phase Three: Icelolly’s telecom solution was removed and calls were sent directly through Infinity to their partners, reducing their telecoms charges considerably as they now only had one provider – Infinity.

The results

By using Infinity, Icelolly have reduced the number of providers, which in turn has reduced both risk and costs involved.

Their tracking data, provided by Infinity, now matches their Google Analytics data, which has provided Icelolly with substantially more granular data. Now that they are confident that the tracking data is also more accurate, they are able to use this to measure the return on their marketing spend and to subsequently create essential efficiencies and grow their campaign.

What the client says

“Infinity has helped our business to reduce costs by providing us with a comprehensive call tracking solution. This allows us to build efficiencies into our PPC campaign, which was not possible with our previous supplier.

By using the Infinity solution we are now able to accurately report on which campaigns are driving telephone leads to our affiliate partners. This is essential for us in our business model. We were previously reducing bids within our PPC campaign that were actually generating leads, as we didn’t have visibility, and this consequently had a detrimental effect on our campaigns.

We feel that we have a close working relationship with Infinity. Their Customer Success Management Team have shown a desire to be experts in our business and industry which has made them to become a trusted partner.”

Ross Matthews | CMO,

Icelolly is the leading holiday comparison website with over 10 years of experience in the travel industry. They compare deals from a large range of partners to provide the best package deal or last minute break with the goal of driving calls to their affiliate partners to generate leads.

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