Holiday Discount Centre: Affiliate Integration

Holiday Discount Centre (HDC) have been working with Infinity for over a year and since implementing the Infinity solution they have made huge efficiencies in their campaign.

Due to the Infinity reporting capabilities, and the affiliate attribution model being applied to the account, HDC are now able to ensure they don’t pay twice for affiliate leads.

The challenge

Prior to working with Infinity HDC were not able to report on which keywords were driving their call conversions, which meant that they did not have all the relevant information to make bid management decisions.

HDC were previously unable to measure which affiliate was responsible for each call driven to their business over a given duration. The lack of visibility needed to be rectified as multiple affiliates were able to claim for a single call due to multiple affiliate touch points in any given user journey.

HDC identified that they needed to put a solution in place and they were recommended Infinity by their agency. HDC approached Infinity to help them track affiliate calls and measure which calls were driving their conversions and then decided to go forward with the Infinity Call Tracking solution in February 2014.

Why Infinity

Infinity is a Cloud based call tracking service with integrated visitor tracking capabilities. The system is based on a concept known as visitor level call tracking. This is because Infinity tracks every visitor to your site, recording the network, channel, keyword, location of the visitor, time and date, page views and length of time they visited the site.

Infinity then allocate each one of them a unique phone number when they land, as well as a unique visitor ID. This allows Infinity to track each phone call and link it back to the campaign, ad group and keyword which generated the call.

Infinity can track calls from the HDC website and report on exactly which marketing activity, and more specifically for HDC which affiliates brought those calls to the site, allowing them to see their cost per call and right down to keyword level for PPC.

Infinity also offer the 3rd party integrations that HDC needed, as well as having the support and additional features that appealed to HDC.

The solution

As well as streamlining call handling, Infinity achieved a solution for HDC with a number of innovative services. Infinity first created an installation, which contained separate tracking pools for each of their agents. An affiliate only attribution model with a look back window of 7 days was then applied.

HDC were then able to pull reports to help them understand how many calls are coming through to their business from each affiliate as Infinity had enriched HDC’s PPC data with call data all the way down to keyword level. This helped HDC with financial measurement for all of this traffic, along with being able to measure all other marketing activity, which allowed HDC to regularly measure the amount of visitors and calls ensuring this was accurate against billing.

The results

HDC now measure all visitor and call volumes that come in from each of their affiliates which helps them understand accurate volumes, where they previously had no visibility.

As Infinity enriches HDC’s PPC data, it gives them a detailed understanding of the cost of their keywords balanced against the calls and conversions that they deliver.

Infinity’s reporting capabilities have given them an accurate view of their marketing activity, which has enabled them to create huge efficiencies in their PPC spend, thus driving profitability.

What the client says

“We first came to Infinity as we were unable to measure how many affiliates calls were being driven into our business. We wanted to view this over a 7 day period and exclude PPC from the mix.

Infinity have been an integral part of our digital marketing analysis, as we can now view all marketing activity in one place. This helps us understand the costs of affiliate traffic and the measurement of calls to our Partners.”

Ian Raine | Media Manager, Holiday Discount Centre

Holiday Discount Centre launched in 2002 is now one of the leading holiday comparison websites. They act as a shop window for over 40 of the UK’s leading travel brands. In 2013 they launched a new price comparison brand called in response to demand from former Teletext partners who needed to drive more incoming calls.

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