How did the holiday comparison site grow its brand and double its leads using call intelligence?

Building Cheekytrip as a memorable, distinct brand was vital for the growth of our business…

The Challenge

In 2017, Holiday Discount Centre decided to make Cheekytrip their main brand with its distinct, clear positioning making it instantly recognisable.

This meant a growing responsibility for traffic, awareness, and revenue. Cheekytrip runs an affiliate model, where every call passed on to a partner counts as a lead. It’s therefore imperative that they knew both the paid and organic tactics that lead to the revenue those calls generate.

Why Infinity?

Cheekytrip’s parent organisation Holiday Discount Centre had been using Infinity since 2014. Their experience with Infinity’s unmatched depth of detail, reliability, ease of integrating into their tech stack, and continually evolving platform gave them full confidence in involving them in the strategic overhaul of the brand.

The Solution

Infinity’s call tracking platform was integrated with Cheekytrip’s Adobe and Google systems, giving them clarity of what led to every call. This not only includes the journey across multiple visits, but also individual keywords clicked, how long was spent on each page, the sources for each visit, the display ads seen (whether clicked or not), and the specific page where a call was made.

This empowered them to optimise their website and the traffic to it. Using Adobe’s A/B testing functionality, they were able to see which iterations of their site (on different devices) were able to drive more phone calls and improve its conversion rate.

Also, by using Infinity’s API, Cheekytrip were also able to feed Infinity’s data into their panel for advertisers, giving each one their own unique view on the leads Cheekytrip was delivering to them. This gave them confidence that Cheekytrip were delivering quality leads to them, and were worth continued investment in. On top of this, Infinity’s rapid support meant that Cheekytrip could go from onboarding a new advertiser to generating revenue in minimal time.

The Results

Continued marketing optimisation using clear insight on what was working enabled Cheekytrip to grow from strength to strength, leading them to become Holiday Discount Centre’s leading brand. This growth was highlighted by the following year-on-year results for Cheekytrip in 2019:

  • Doubled call leads in peak months
  • Leads from PPC boosted by 161%
  • Organic traffic conversion rate up 57% alongside almost twice the volume
  • Call conversion rate on social media traffic up by 9%, while traffic volume also increased by 64%

Due to the results Infinity helped Cheekytrip achieve before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the support delivered during it, Cheekytrip have continued their partnership with Infinity to help grow the business again as travel begins to pick up once more.

What The Client Says

Building Cheekytrip as a memorable, distinct brand was vital for the growth of our business, and Infinity has played a big part in this mission since day one. Infinity is one of the most crucial pillars of our tech stack and their standards of service are unmatched.

Ian Raine | Marketing Manager, Holiday Discount Centre

Cheekytrip is a holiday comparison site created in 2013 as part of Holiday Discount Centre. They offer affordable trips all over the world, and share millions of holiday offers every day from a wide network of travel agencies and partners.

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