Digging deeper: How contact centre analytics can unlock more successful call outcomes

9 Aug 2021 in

In an increasingly competitive world, it has become more important than ever to provide outstanding customer service. With 75% of consumers saying they expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions, contact centres are uniquely placed to curate smooth customer journeys, resolve issues quickly and build customer loyalty.

What if you could reduce your average call handling time (AHT), significantly ramp up your phone agents to drive more successful outcomes, and turn those make-or-break conversations into satisfied customers? That’s where contact centre analytics come in.

Contact centre analytics - also known as call centre analytics - can unlock a wealth of insights that will empower you to streamline your customer journey, improve call centre operations and deliver exceptional customer service, using rich data taken from real customer experiences. In this blog, we’ll explore how contact centre analytics can supercharge your business.

What are contact centre analytics?

Contact centre analytics can improve your customer calls by tracking specific keywords, identifying conversational trends, and analysing customer sentiment. Analysing these metrics will allow you to unlock rich insights and collect actionable data that can help you categorise queries, score the quality of calls, and evolve your operations to streamline processes for both your customers and your agents.

Developing a clear understanding of your customer’s needs using contact centre analytics can highlight which actions lead to an increase in positive sentiment, equip your agents to avoid awkward silences and pinpoint the common causes of frustration to improve your scripts and significantly increase your successful call outcomes.

A great example of effectively using contact centre analytics comes from travel brand Flight Centre, who used contact centre analytics to focus on understanding and increasing phone conversions from customers browsing tailor-made holidays. They gathered over 100 keywords that would allow them to score the quality of calls, which helped them identify pain points, trends and the keywords that led to high-value calls. As a result, they saw a 46% year-on-year increase in online phone conversion rates and a 79% increase in enquiries.

Why are contact centre analytics important?

90% of people still prefer to speak to live agents, and by paying attention to the information they’re looking for and the type of language they respond best to will make your agents even more effective. Your customers want to be treated like people, not a queue of phone calls to be dealt with.

Contact centre analytics are important not only because they can improve your customer service, but because they offer tangible benefits. Here are just a few of the ways in which contact centre analytics can benefit your business.

  • Increase customer loyalty – Every good business is most interested in satisfying their customers and gaining a deeper understanding of what makes them tick is the best way of surprising and delightful them. Perfect your objection handling techniques to win back hesitant customers and transform negative experiences into positive ones.

  • Perfect your agent scripts – By highlighting keywords that are related to certain call outcomes, you can test sales scripts and wording to identify calls that lead to a desired outcome. For example, rather than saying ‘would you like to upgrade to first class?’ you might find ‘would you like more legroom?’ to be a more persuasive call-to-action.

  • Ramp up your training – Collecting data on how to influence more successful outcomes is the perfect way to ramp phone agents quicker. Assess performance, understand where to improve, and even isolate calls that are significantly better at upselling to gather learnings that can be shared across your call centre.

  • Reduce handling times – With all this customer data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to solve and even pre-empt issues before a customer even picks up the phone. For example, if you notice the same questions keep coming up, why not create an FAQ page that addresses them in once place?

  • Feed insights into your wider business – Best of all, it’s not just your agents who can benefit from rich insights. Feed customer feedback, common problems, and their needs and desires into your wider business strategy, this will create consistency across every touchpoint - from marketing to product to customer service.

How Conversation Analytics helps gather important data

Infinity’s speech analytics suite, Conversation Analytics, enables contact centres to capture the data needed to build smoother customer journeys, resolve issues faster and reduce manual work involved in handling multiple calls. With Conversation Analytics, you can evolve your tactics based on real data from your customers, instead of relying on intuition. With so much knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll be able to unearth real value and turn leads into profits.

Conversation Analytics monitors conversations to understand why people are getting in touch, it flags keywords or trends before you’re even aware of them, and it uses speech analysis to monitor sentiment during calls, to help you nail what makes a call a positive or a negative experience for your customers and adjust for better results. Being able to identify the finer points of conversation quickly and easily using call categorisation gives you the context and nuance that can be difficult to track when you’re handling hundreds, if not thousands, of calls each day.

Using Conversation Analytics will allow you to see how your contact centre is performing, efficiently. Making it one of the easiest ways to arm yourself with the insights needed to increase average order value, improve upselling, reduce the cost per conversion, curate effective customer journeys, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction scores.

Even better, Conversation Analytics integrates seamlessly with many contact centre technologies and CRM systems, including Vocalcom. This allows you to harness rich data automatically and draw links between marketing data and customer data. Enabling you to map the journey your customers take before picking up the phone and track ROI more accurately than ever before.

Key takeaways

So, what have we learned? Here are three key takeaways on contact centre analytics, what they measure, and how Conversation Analytics can help.

  • Understanding keywords and topics helps resolve issues and turn make-or-break conversations into loyal customers.
  • Anticipating needs can reduce handling time and prepare your agents to deliver successful outcomes, regardless of the situation.
  • Understanding your customers’ needs and pain points can help streamline the customer journey across every level of your business.

Every conversation matters. Start one with us today to unlock the benefits of Conversation Analytics and make every call count.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

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