Travel marketers: Ready to boost bookings in 2024?

Matt McGillicuddy

By Matt McGillicuddy
17 Oct 2023

6 min read


Looking to boost your travel marketing game in 2024? You're in the right place. We've gathered insights from a panel of seasoned travel marketing experts, each with an impressive track record in the industry.

Their collective experience spans decades, offering you a load of knowledge to tap into. We sat down with them to define the strategies and tactics you need to deploy if you want to maximize your efforts, deepen your customer relationships, and ultimately, increase bookings.

They’ve shared way too much advice to pack into one blog post, so we’ve summarized some of their best advice below. But – don’t worry, you can dive into all the expert plays they share by grabbing a copy of our new travel marketer’s playbook.

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Ready to get cracking? Let's unpack some of their top tips.

Embrace generative AI for a brighter future

Frederic Gonzalo, Founder of Gonzo Marketing, points out that 2024 is all about integrating powerful tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard into your daily routine. Imagine using these tools not just as stand-alones, but as integrated solutions. When you do, you’ll discover that there are a ton of practical uses. OpenAI's recent announcement of Dall-E integration within ChatGPT opens doors to creating text and images seamlessly. Plus, real-time internet access is on the horizon, so you won’t be bound by out-of-date information for much longer.

Key takeaway: Be curious, open an OpenAI account, and dive in. Try creating itineraries, getting fresh blog ideas, or rewriting posts. With these new capabilities, your travel marketing game is set to soar.

Looking for practical tips to help unlock the full power of ChatGPT?

In our playbook, Anna Heathcote - Adido Digital’s SEO Content writer, explains how to get the best out of the tool and save a ton of time when producing content.

Manage your Google Business Profile

Frederic knows a thing or two about using Google Business profiles to drive bookings. Another of his top tips in our playbook will help you respond to the trend that’s seeing more than 25% of searchers not click beyond the search page.

Key takeaway: Keep your Google Business Profile up-to-date and respond to reviews. Your online reputation will significantly impact your bookings.

Embrace GA4 and robust measurement

Andy Headington from Adido Digital highlights the important role accurate data plays when it comes to winning in the competitive online search market. GA4 may seem complex, but investing in accurate data will pay off in 2024 and beyond. With the right data, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that drive better results.

Key takeaway: Don't shy away from data analytics. Embrace GA4, get comfortable with it, and prioritize robust measurement to stay competitive.

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How call data and GA4 will supercharge your understanding of customer journeys

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Unlock a holistic view of performance

Our resident Growth Marketing expert, Matt McGillicuddy, encourages you to join up the online and offline legs of holidaymakers booking journeys. Nearly half of us prefer to pick up the phone when making travel arrangements, and each time a prospective customer goes offline and picks up the phone, they blow a gaping hole in your attribution data.

By tracking calls you’re able to form a much more accurate picture of campaign performance and make much smarter tactical decisions. Calls are an indication that your marketing efforts are working, but without proper tracking, you're left in the dark. By connecting calls to activities, you can eliminate budget waste and ensure every penny you spend on engaging prospective customers works hard.

Key takeaway: Implement call tracking to gain insights into the true performance of your campaign's so you maximize your ROI and keep your CFO happy.

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Become a customer experience champion

Terrie O’Hanlon, CMO at Agilysys, warns of the dangers of negative reviews – which have been shown to lead to up to a 70% loss of potential guests for a hotel. So, if you want to keep your guestbook full, nailing CX should be high on the agenda for every travel marketer in 2024.

Key takeaway: Collaborate cross-function and leverage technology to optimize your customer journey. Do your best to ensure guests return home happy, and don’t forget to invest in encouraging positive reviews.

Boost bookings with authentic storytelling

Another key component of boosting bookings in 2024 lies in the art of authentic storytelling. In today's digital landscape, authenticity is the currency that resonates most with travellers. Will Adams of Trending Travel emphasizes the power of authentic storytelling through user-generated content (UGC).

This year, you should turn your satisfied customers into your brand ambassadors. When they share their genuine experiences on social media, it creates a connection that money can't buy. Real individuals sharing real stories validates your brand's promises, making it more trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.

Key takeaway: Leverage authenticity. Harness the power of UGC and influencer collaborations to build trust and engagement among your audience.

Want more booking-boosting tips?

Like I said, our travel marketing experts shared way too many tips to pack into one blog post.

If you want more guidance on how to use new technologies to deepen connections with customers, create efficiencies, and optimize your campaigns, grab a copy of the full playbook. It's going to help you elevate your travel marketing game and reach new heights.

Ready to skip the reading and get started

With the majority of holiday bookings involving a phone call, you need to start paying attention to your call data. Diving deep into conversations has helped providers like BlueBay and Flight Center give conversion rates a 79% boost and reduce cost-per-booking by 32%.

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