Flight Centre

The challenge

Flight Centre wanted to refresh their website to focus more on the promotion of tailor-made holidays for their customers. Usually, these tailor-made holidays required in-depth discussions, ones with detailed, specific requirements and necessities for the customer. These conversations often take place via the phone. Therefore, Flight Centre wanted to focus on understanding and increasing phone conversions from customers browsing these types of holidays.

Flight Centre would need to start identifying which marketing channels, or campaigns, were generating high-value calls, and how they could maximise their efforts to generate more of these.

Why Infinity?

Flight Centre were invited to explore Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite, a range of products exclusive to Infinity. More specifically, Conversation Analytics’ keyword spotting tool enabled Flight Centre to gain clearer insights into their customers’ intents. When Flight Centre received calls from customers, they were able to precisely see what was being asked for, and identify which channel drove that phone call in the first place.

Not only this but Infinity’s seamless integration with Flight Centre’s existing tech stack, including platforms such as Google Ads and Analytics, instantly provided them with a single stand-alone view of the data they needed.

The solution

Infinity’s Conversation Analytics enabled Flight Centre to set customisable goals, based on location, intent, airlines, and even specific brand words that they marked as having high or low value. Over 100 keywords were inputted to help them grade the quality of a call and to monitor if their callers aligned with their new website refreshment of luxury tailor-made escapes.

By using Infinity’s Hub, they were easily able to group pools of keywords to analyze and rate. Consequently, they were able to identify pain points, trends, and high value calls in their visitor and call volumes and adapted marketing campaigns and pages based on these invaluable insights. Infinity’s platform saved Flight Centre numerous hours of manual filtering of their phone enquiries. They were able to easily isolate the calls that mattered to gain further clarity on the outcome of the enquiry.

The outcome

Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite empowered Flight Centre to Increase the accuracy of identifying high performing calls. It was discovered that the calls identified as having a high probability to convert to booking were 2.5 times more likely to convert to booking than the average phone enquiry.

Flight Centre’s work with Infinity helped them achieve the following results:

  • 46% year on year increase in online phone conversion rate for their tailor-made holidays section.
  • Year on year bookings from phone enquiries increased 79% from their tailor-made holidays section.
  • Rate of visitors calling from PPC boosted by 9%.
  • 44% of high-value enquiries now generate a booking.
  • Tracked online call volumes increased by 30% year over year.

In the future, Flight Centre will be integrating Infinity software with their CRM to get a single customer viewpoint and understand how to optimise the customer journey in reaching their adjusted target audience.

What does the client say?

"Infinity has been an important platform during our holiday section refresh and also given us great insight into average order value. Because of Infinity’s tracking, we can see granular insight into our campaigns. We’re now able to identify customer pain points, to inform decisions on switching off landing pages that weren’t previously performing, or improving ones that justify additional investment. Our quality of calls has greatly improved and we can finally see what is working for us as a business.

James Boyle | Head of Digital Marketing, Flight Centre Travel Group

Originally founded in Australia, Flight Centre is now on the of largest independent travel companies. Currently, they have 82 U.K based stores and open new venues regularly. Flight Centre also has an impressive 5-star rating on TrustPilot.com, with over 12,000 reviews.

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