Why the Call Tracking Industry has seen a 40% year on year growth

24 Nov 2015 in News

The call tracking industry is growing at a rate of knots, with more and more people understanding that it as an essential factor when analysing their marketing activity. With this in mind, Infinity created a special offer* to celebrate.

If you are responsible for your company's customer acquisition, then I'm sure that you have considered what impact phone calls have on your business. You know that you wouldn't be doing your job effectively if you were only analysing part of the journey, for example only the online activity, ignoring offline. And similarly, I am sure that those of you in sales know that if you are able to get your customers on the phone, then they will convert at a much higher rate. With this in mind, call tracking is now widely understood as essential to understand the success of your company's marketing.

To celebrate the success of the call tracking market, if you don’t already have Call Tracking, join the growing trend of clients that do and get 20% off as part of our Infinity Christmas Price Cut if you sign up now*!

If you’ve been thinking about getting Call Tracking, there is no better time to start making smarter decisions, so choose the No 1 Call Tracking provider on the market.

You can see what our clients are saying on the Google Apps Gallery.

*Updated on 26th December - The special offer is no longer running.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Alex Worth
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing enthusiast at Infinity and when not at work is kept on her toes by two cheeky little boys.

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