How to improve digital marketing ROI with Call Tracking


Whether you base your marketing success on how many leads you have in the pipeline, or the number of new customer wins, improving your bottom line is always going to be a priority. To properly understand where your leads and customers are coming from, you need draw the links between the campaigns you’ve been running and the profit they’ve generated.

That’s why positive Return on Investment (ROI) is the holy grail for marketers. In the world of digital marketing, it can be tricky to put a finger on the exact tweet, campaign or blog post that resulted in a sale. Especially when you factor in customers taking their online journey offline, by picking up the phone to your contact centre.

In this blog, we’re going to provide actionable insights into how you can significantly improve digital marketing ROI. We’ll also look at some of they key tools and tactics you can leverage to supercharge your digital marketing ROI.

How to improve ROI in digital marketing

Digital marketing ROI is difficult to measure if you don’t have full visibility of the touchpoints customers interact with at every step of their buyer journeys. With digital marketing campaigns, when customers pick up the phone and convert offline you lose visibility of the final purchase. Joining up the dots between online and offline customer interactions is crucial if you want to accurately calculate your digital marketing ROI. From there, you can identify which campaigns are and aren’t working, and put more onus on the ones that will ultimately improve your digital marketing ROI.

How do you do that, I hear you ask? Read on to find out!

Use revenue attribution to pinpoint conversion

Using the right tools, you’ll know which campaigns, channels, keywords, or social ads led to your customer picking up the phone and making a purchase. If you’re able to pinpoint which specific activity, keyword or channel drove conversion, you can boost your ROI by concentrating your efforts and spend on the activities that really work.

Southern Sheeting were investing in PPC, PR, and offline marketing, yet had minimal visibility on how those channels were performing. As they grew, they couldn’t risk making critical decisions about where to invest without having accurate revenue data to support them.

They used Smart Match to connect sales revenue and outcomes to every phone call they received. This greatly reduced manual workload, and attributed real revenue to the marketing activities responsible. By knowing where sales were coming from, they could make more informed marketing choices that delivered greater commercial outcomes.

Be smarter with PPC optimisation

When you’re optimising PPC campaigns, it’s easy to focus on the most expensive keywords. Lower cost, long-tail keywords often go under the radar because they don’t cost too much, but failing to evaluate them properly could cost you a fortune over time.

Call tracking removes the blinds by connecting online interactions with offline conversions. Smart Match pinpoints your most valuable calls and, better yet, shows you where they’re coming from. By connecting outcomes and revenue to your activities with Smart Match, you’ll eliminate waste and gain visibility over which activities you need to double down. As a result, you’ll bring CPA tumbling and drive-up Average Order Values (AOV).


Accurately track every single call

When you’re converting customers over the phone, you need to be able to accurately log calls, track conversions, and keep an eye on where your best, most profitable, offline leads are coming from. Tracking phone calls in Google Analytics provides you with rich data such as individual keyword and campaign performance. It also gives you a clearer picture of the customer journey and the various conversion paths your customers take. This enables you to optimise your website with the right keywords and craft campaigns that drive more successful call outcomes.

Using Call Tracking and Google Analytics together helps you continuously make smarter decisions. Using Google and call tracking together, you’re able to:

  • Send goals and phone call data in real-time, along with call type and value.
  • Record individual calls and goals as events in Google Analytics.
  • Send revenue and outcomes into Google as Goal Value.
  • See which keywords work, and which don’t, within your bid management solution.
  • Identify whether display impressions have contributed to phone calls.

Work on improving the customer experience

What if every single time you received a call from your customers, you could use it improve the overall customer experience and increase your chances of driving conversions? Customer journey mapping taps into real data to accurately record each step of their journey, from the moment they become aware of their need, through research and consideration, to making a purchase and beyond.

Customer journey mapping benefits include identifying where customers came from, queries they might have, which means you’ll improve your overall strategy based on real insights. Mapping the journey enables you to deliver smoother and more efficient experiences, designed to delight your customers – and ultimately boost your digital marketing ROI.

How call tracking will improve your digital marketing ROI

With call tracking, you can easily understand how your campaigns are performing and which touchpoints are driving offline telephone sales. For example, let’s say your customer is looking to book a summer holiday. They might start their research online, looking up destinations and hotels, before they come across a travel agent who can find the best deals via their Google ad campaign. They might have questions about this, so they pick up the phone to discuss the finer points before sharing their card details.

By bridging the online to offline gap, you get to see how your campaigns are truly performing and use that insight to reduce acquisition costs and drive more revenue. If you can pinpoint the actions that trigger your most profitable online sales and phone calls, you can confidently cut spend on activities that aren’t delivering and double your efforts on the ones that are.

When you pair call tracking with Infinity’s speech analytics suite, Conversation Analytics, you’re able to find out what happens during calls and use that intel to further optimise your customers’ purchase journey.

Conversation Analytics surfaces hidden insights, highlights topics and keywords that are discussed, and analyse sentiment in every call. With it, you’ll identify common trends or obstacles in your customer journey, highlight frequently asked questions or concerns that delay conversion, and pinpoint precisely what turns unhappy callers into loyal customers.

How are real companies using call tracking to enhance their digital marketing ROI? A great example comes from BoostOnline, a digital agency with a large roster of SME clients. As a busy agency, it was crucial for them to show clients where calls were coming from and demonstrate how they improved revenue. Using Infinity, they were able to justify advertising spend and deliver results, with one client enjoying a 46% decrease in cost-per-lead and another achieving an incredible 2,400% ROI from PPC spending.

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