Discover how BoostOnline switched 40+ clients to Infinity and drove up revenues during Covid-19.

Infinity gives us all the tools we need to keep our clients happy…

The Challenge

As a digital agency with a large roster of busy SME clients, it’s of utmost importance to BoostOnline that they know where calls come from and can prove where and how they have improved revenue. Any assumptions risk altering channels generating a significant percentage of a client’s income.

This challenge was compounded by the onset of COVID-19 in early 2020, with advertisers of all sizes being cautious about ad spend as the pandemic hit. So as an agency, they needed to provide clarity and guidance to protect their budget and continue to be able to generate revenue for their clients.

Why Infinity

BoostOnline had previously been using another call tracking provider, who would answer the phone if BoostOnline called but had no meaningful, strategic relationship. This approach would not have been suitable during an unexpected event like Coronavirus where insight and guidance was needed.

Infinity’s proactive approach to strategically helping grow accounts, develop features, and listening to their (and their clients’) needs meant that they were a perfect call tracking partner to match BoostOnline’s ambitions and needs.

The Solution

Working with Infinity’s Solutions team, BoostOnline transitioned over 40 accounts in early 2020 and immediately began to help their clients identify where opportunities were for generating business calls. This empowered them to give clients the confidence to resume their ad spending at a time when their competitors were too hesitant to act, helping them gain a greater market share.

Infinity also built a new “Add Notes” feature in conjunction with BoostOnline to help train staff, quickly give context to calls, and help show the types of lead they are delivering to their clients. This adds to other insights, such as call length, missed calls, and call recordings that BoostOnline were utilising to help optimise their clients’ operations.

The Results

Infinity was implemented on over 40 accounts in time to deliver crucial insights on where revenue was coming from during a critical period for many of BoostOnline’s clients. This helped the agency justify their advertising spend and deliver vital business results. Including some of the following:

  • Helped one client generate £48,000 of additional monthly revenue from £2,000 Google Ads monthly spend
  • A London-based client achieved a 46% decrease in cost-per-lead
  • Smarter PPC targeting led to clicks that were 50% more likely to call
  • Increased demand for many clients, while their competitor’s were not advertising
  • Website improvements led to 48% rise in conversion rate
  • Achieved a 2400% ROI from PPC spending for one client

Going forward, every account with a phone number that BoostOnline takes on is now onboarded with Infinity as standard. This will not only help them attribute ROI, but also give strategic guidance, operational advice, and better training to phone handlers.

What the agency says

Call tracking is an essential service for us. Infinity gives us all the tools we need to keep our customers happy, and help deliver exceptional results to them. They were highly proactive in listening to what we needed and our retention rates shoot up when we have call tracking in place for our clients.

Lee Parnell | Director, BoostOnline

BoostOnline is a digital marketing agency looking after brands throughout the UK, offering PPC, SEO, social media, and website building services to hundreds of SME companies. This bespoke service comes from decades of experience across their team.

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