Customer Insights: The inside scoop on impactful calls, insightful conversations and intelligent conclusions

25 Oct 2022 in

In a recent interview, CEO of Infinity Warren Newbert spoke to UK Tech News about how impactful calls can lead to insightful conversations, helping businesses draw intelligent conclusions. Here are his thoughts on why customer insight is key for any business to unlock.

Summarising all the hard work we do is no easy feat. However, the basis of our work focuses on providing innovative insights to our customers that drive real business impact. For this reason, we like to focus on the three “Is” of our business: Impactful calls. Insightful conversations. Intelligent conclusions.

Our company ethos is to unlock hidden insights before, during, and after every call; then seamlessly use those insights across our customers’ companies to demonstrate real business impact by reducing marketing spending, accelerating sales, optimising operations, and improving customer experience.


What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

As marketplaces become increasingly saturated, making any company stand out from the crowd is more and more challenging, and it is also now a necessity for business continuity.

At Infinity, we have a customer-centric approach that is designed to completely understand our customer’s objectives, and actively facilitate the improvements that impact their business. In fact, we have recently received recognition for our efforts, winning “Most Innovative Customer Success Initiative” at the Customer Success Excellence Awards.

It’s simple. We stick to the foundational elements of success: measurement, results, and customer satisfaction. Our teams go above and beyond to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and happiness – and this only comes from hard evidence and results.

For example, our work with Specsavers led to them transforming their marketing campaigns. The insights we uncovered helped them drive down CPA by 32% and boost bookings for their home visit service by 25%.

With the help of Infinity’s Insights & Intelligence team, Specsavers were able to set up Conversation Analytics in a swift fashion. In just three weeks, it was possible to automatically identify when a booking goal had taken place on a call. Using one of Infinity’s 45 out-of-the-box integrations, the Specsavers team could push conversion data directly into Search Ads 360 and use it to create efficiencies and improvements across their paid media campaigns.

After configuring keyword groups to help identify call drivers and appointment bookings, we helped Specsavers strengthen their understanding of what happens during phone calls and make their decision making much more data driven.

Who is Infinity’s target audience?

Our products and services aim to help the C-suite, marketers, contact centre leaders and key business decision-makers looking to drive efficiency and expand their organisation. Our industry specialists work with businesses across a variety of sectors including retail, hospitality, transport, and financial services. Every customer journey is unique, and so are our customers’ ambitions – it’s up to us to promote a collaborative and personal approach to achieve the most impactful results for our customers and theirs.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced in your role?

The biggest challenges in business always come from big change – and as a business, we have always adapted swiftly to maximise the opportunities brought about by change. For example, thanks to the acquisition of ResponseTap, we are now able to offer a much better level of service and support to our users and supercharge our product development plans.

This includes improved outcome tracking, thanks to Smart Match, which rapidly connects revenue and outcomes to calls without the need for a CRM integration.

Ultimately, this acquisition has broadened our product portfolio and allowed us to accelerate our investment into products, so our customers can extract more insights from conversations and increase the impact of every phone call.

What is your vision for the business over the next two years?

As a company, we are ready to go beyond call tracking – and we’re exploring and developing new capabilities with our products, from customer journey optimisation, analytics, omnichannel and more.

Over the next two years, we will prioritise a growth mindset within the company– both in terms of customer and business objectives. One of our primary objectives is to accelerate our recruitment efforts to build a strong innovative team that has the capacity and capabilities to deliver all the exciting products and features in our company roadmap.


Please share an overview of how Infinity works.

It’s really simple. We unlock hidden insights before, during, and after every call.

Our call tracking platform and Conversation Analytics suite has the ability to analyse the source and content of a phone call to understand what was discussed. This is done automatically to improve customer service, train phone agents, and understand the type of caller that certain marketing channels are attracting. The recordings can be catalogued, searched, and accessed at scale, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Our Conversation Analytics suite is underpinned by industry-leading speech recognition technology, with machine learning capabilities that will evolve to learn the nuances of customers’ brands, products, and individual phone agents. This can be customised to spot any keywords that matter to customers’ businesses, such as a higher value term or something that shows a strong propensity to buy.

For years, we have delivered pinpoint precision on the journey that led to the call. In more recent times, we helped clients catalogue the outcomes of a call and how the relationship progressed. To summarise, Infinity is the key that allows its customers to unlock the wealth of undiscovered insights that are contained within every single call they make.


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Warren Newbert

Warren Newbert

As CEO, Warren combines his passion for creating a winning strategy with a knack for people and numbers. When he's not in the office, he can be found on the side of the pitch coaching his sons' football team.

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