Protection 1: GA & AdWords Integration

Protection 1 needed to be able to make key marketing decisions and by implementing the Infinity Professional Edition they were able to understand cost per call, cost per lead and also return on advertising spend to keyword level.

In addition to getting all of the benefits of dynamic call tracking, they also utilised the Infinity self-service fixed number generation to track their offline campaigns as well as using the attribution suite.

“We’re obsessed with providing the best customer experience and that’s why we don’t put our customers into an automatic phone system with a menu. When you call, a Protection 1 employee answers the phone. In 2014, we handled 3,056,039 calls and answered 99.97% of them in three rings or less.”

The client problem

Protection 1 needed to be able to make key marketing decisions and they were unable to quantify their cost per call / lead or their return on advertising spend across multiple online marketing channels that influenced conversions.

Prior to implementing Infinity, Protection 1 was spending heavily on Google AdWords but was missing a cross-channel attribution solution, which Infinity was able to provide. They were using a last click attribution model but felt that Infinity could provide a broader scope of attribution based on other online channel attribution, which they felt would provide better visibility of what campaigns, ad groups and keywords were driving phone calls and then generating sales.

The Infinity solution

Protection 1 considered Infinity alongside their competitors but felt that Infinity’s solution was superior to their competitors and seamlessly integrated with DS3, which was essential to their needs.

Infinity has a proven track record of looking after clients and Protection 1 was recommended to use Infinity by their agency so that the Infinity call tracking solution could complement the digital campaigns being run.

Infinity had a “can do approach” and by using our CRM consultancy expertise meant that Infinity was offering more than just a call tracking solution, we were offering a full end to end solution that tied into Protection 1’s CRM.

The outcome

Projection 1 used Infinity’s real-time dashboard to analyse call data and channel conversion metrics on a weekly basis. They also saved money on their digital campaigns by improving their AdWords bid management by implementing Infinity-driven insights in bidding decisions and campaign optimization.

Protection 1 took a new strategy to concentrate their digital marketing efforts to drive people to pick up the phone and convert, which not only increased their leads, reduced their CPL but also improved the quality of the leads that were generated.

What the client says

“Infinity offers the best solution for integrated call tracking and reporting. It easily integrates with Google Analytics and AdWords, making it even more valuable, and the dashboard is amazingly flexible when it comes to management and report generation. I love how easy it is to dynamically generate phone numbers, or manually generate a static toll-free or local number on demand. Infinity brings channel teams together and allows you to share cross-channel attribution easily.”

Brandon Fleming | Marketing Manager, Protection 1

Protection 1 is the US’s premier full-service security provider, protecting residential, business, national account and integrated system customers at millions of locations. They serve nearly 2 million customers with 4,000-plus employees at more than 90 full-service branch locations across the country. Protection 1 maintains a 97% Customer Satisfaction Score and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

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