How did In Place Of Strife, The Mediation Chambers, increase the number of enquiry calls, whilst ensuring the right type of leads were being generated?

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In Place Of Strife is a chamber of many of the UK’s most experienced and effective mediators, working domestically and internationally. They work to help resolve disputes quickly, confidentially, and cost-effectively. With over 20 years of experience, they are one of the UK's longest established mediation service providers.

Striving to deliver better campaign optimisation based on call insights to get the right leads in the pipeline.

The challenge

In Place Of Strife’s PPC ads were generating high volumes of calls for the business. However, these weren’t necessarily from their target market. The calls received were often from private individuals with low-value claims, rather than their preferred commercial clients. They needed to be generating interest from the right sort of customers so as to increase sales & growth in their mediation service.

Additionally, In Place Of Strife wanted to assign ratings to the calls their business was receiving. This would enable them to have clear visibility on which campaigns were driving valuable traffic, engagement, and calls to their business.

Finally, In Place Of Strife needed real-time data insights on each individual site visitor who called them, so as to personalise their representative's communications during the sales process.

Why Infinity?

Recommended by agency partner, PeakyDigital, In Place Of Strife used Infinity’s call intelligence because of the detailed, granular data they were able to access from Infinity’s Hub.

This meant that they would empower themselves to make justified business decisions about budget, channel optimisations, and their overall marketing strategy by having their call data in a singular view.

Infinity’s real-time data would also enable them to see visitor journeys as they happened, especially when someone ventured from their online site to an offline channel, such as phone calls.

The solution

By using Infinity’s call intelligence, In Place Of Strife identified which channels were generating the low-value calls they were receiving. By doing so, they could make justified decisions as to whether to reduce the budget in this certain channel, alter their messaging, or remove the channel completely from their long-term strategy.

In Place Of Strife were able to personalise their customers’ experience with their brand. Pages a visitor had toured before they called, specifically mediator profile pages, were easily identified for the service representative.

With Infinity’s post-call rating feature, In Place Of Strife’s calls can trigger a customisable goal, dictated by the business. Whether this be a strong lead, poor lead, or just simply an enquiry. This enables them to accurately assess how many goals are triggered per month.

The outcome

Huge savings were made from identifying which channels were generating the wrong type of enquiries. In Place Of Strife have removed certain channels from their strategy after Infinity data highlighted better performing options. This means budget can now be re-allocated to a high performing channel, to increase growth and sales to the business.

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