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Having worked with Infinity for more than a year with great success, BPP decided to integrate their call data into Google DS3 bid management system. The complete integration of call tracking data into DS3 took under two weeks.

“The whole process was dealt with really quickly and professionally.” - Simon Hoe, Ecommerce Manager, BPP

With their call tracking data integrated into DS3, BPP were able to begin optimising their paid search campaign towards what was really bringing them results:

  • Lower Cost Per Call – Between June and July 2013 BPP’s cost per call dropped by 15.7% as BPP were able to optimise their PPC spend and gear it towards those terms that were driving calls.
  • Holistic Attribution – By integrating with DS3 reporting, BPP was able to take a more complete view of their customer’s journeys and gained a clearer picture of their behaviour.
  • More calls, more conversions - Call volumes increased by 30% year on year for July. The month on month increase from June to July in 2013 was 8% higher than the month on month for the same period in 2012.
  • Full Insight – uniquely, simultaneous attribution models can be used to analyse, and test those models against each other, to give true measured insight, on what keywords drive calls. Infinity’s powerful tools and attribution modelling give BPP a complete view of their customer journey.

With the Infinity Call Tracking system BPP can now track their customers through a previously invisible part of the customer journey (Phone Calls). Infinity gave ongoing training and support to the BPP team, so that they could get the most out of their new ability to optimise for keywords that drive calls.

With Infinity integrating their call data into their bid management system, BPP understand what is driving calls, how they can optimise their spend, and are reaping the benefits with a higher call volume that costs them less for each call.

What the client says

“The whole process was dealt with really quickly and professionally and Infinity were there to support us throughout. Before we were investing heavily in digital media spend but couldn’t attribute this through to queries, applications and sales. Now we have a complete view of customer attribution and can measure our spend.”

Simon Hoe | Ecommerce Manager, BPP

BPP is Europe’s largest specialist education, training and publishing provider, and by far the majority of their student enquiries and applications take place over the phone. Before DS3 integration they were receiving around 1,000 calls every month that they couldn’t attribute back to the keywords that had prompted them.

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