This is how you see which phone calls made you money

18 Dec 2019 in

According to analysts at Google, omnichannel shoppers have a 30% proven higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.1

Furthermore, companies with extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement also see a 9.5% year-on-year increase in annual revenue.2

Whilst having so many routes to purchase products is great for customers, it’s sometimes an attribution anxiety attack for marketers.

Which channel generated which sale, and where? If you can’t answer this, how much money are you wasting on tactics that aren’t converting? How much are you leaving on the table by underinvesting in your best channels?

Fortunately, we can relieve some of this attribution angst for your phone sales.

There are two ways we do this.

One way

Infinity can automatically fire its data into Google Analytics to give you a full view of your customer's online and offline journey.

If our client also integrates their booking data with Infinity, we can match the two up and reveal which phone call resulted in a sale, how much that sale was worth, and what created it.

This works down to the keyword, campaign, advert, channel, or marketing activity.

This transactional data helps you do more of what’s making your business money.

Clients who do this can also:

  • Stop wasting marketing spend on the wrong keywords

  • Discover which channel is generating the most sales

  • Create a realistic view of the ROI on your activity

Businesses who don’t do this have:

  • Less visibility of sales down the funnel

  • Data on who has bought from them, but not how much they’ve actually spent

Another way

Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite is powered by AI learning and is used by industry-trusted brands.

Conversation Analytics can locate and analyse converting calls using “Payment identification”. When a long card number is read out, your customised goals are capable of capturing that data and alerting you to the fact that a goal has been triggered.

Data matters, but so does your customer’s privacy. By using this data, you’ll still comply with data protection policies as we redact all sensitive details, such as credit card numbers or addresses, and remove them from storage.


PPC-ing is believing

Here's what PPC manager, and Infinity client, Terry Harris has to say on the tremendous value of transactional data.

“Gaining a full picture of the user journey is vital for all companies, especially now with the increase in ML (Machine Learning) models. From a PPC standpoint, we need to focus on providing the ML models with the best data to help drive forward growth and offline transactions are a big part of this.

”By incorporating call revenue into this it allows us to consider additional touchpoints that historically weren't considered, further helping us to feed the machines with data that we consider important.”

Terry Harris | PPC Manager, Ironmongery Directory

The cherry on the cake

Whilst call tracking in itself is an incredibly powerful way to see the entire journey your customers take, the transactional data insights are the cherry on top.

If you sell via the phone then you need the transactional data that matters.

I want to find out more

1. Omnichannel retailing, Google, (2015)
2. The importance of omnichannel shopping, Digital Commerce 360, (2019)


Amber Willis

Amber Willis

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