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9 Nov 2020 in News

In 2020, for the first time ever, most of the world’s population use social media.1 Yet many social media marketers whose campaigns led to successful, high value phone calls were unable to reliably attribute those calls back to their campaigns. Every day, millions of calls are made to businesses with the social media marketers responsible getting minimal credit, if any.

Today, that changes.

Infinity is proud to launch our Facebook Ads integration, tying calls back to Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Infinity-Facebook-Call-Goal-Facebook-Ads.png Want to see calls connected to your Facebook and Instagram campaigns in Facebook Ads? Contact us today.

This will empower marketers to conduct paid social activity on Facebook and Instagram with full confidence that they have all the insights at hand to understand long-term customer journeys that lead to a phone call and maximise ROI on ad spend.

Not only is it now possible to attribute these high value calls to the social campaign responsible, marketers can use this insight to tailor future campaigns to drive more of these crucial engagements that impact the bottom line.


On top of being able to connect calls to social campaigns, some other key benefits include:

  • Utilise Conversation Analytics to connect call outcomes, keywords mentioned, and revenue generated on calls back to social campaigns.
  • Build look-a-like audiences to target on social based on the outcomes you desire.
  • Do all of the above for both Facebook AND Instagram.
  • Takes advantage of Facebook's latest Conversions API for full funnel visibility, advanced data accuracy, and data control
  • Set-up in minutes if Infinity is on your website.
  • FREE with pro and enterprise accounts.

"Infinity's Facebook Ads integration has enabled us to close the gap on attribution, allowing us to report on the true value of campaign performance. Setting things up via Facebook's Conversions API is straightforward, and the overall integration provides new insight that helps us make smarter decisions and optimisations that naturally leads to improved performance."

Joseph Reid | Paid Media Manager, Digital NRG

By tallying offline conversions from phone calls in Facebook Ads, you will gain a more comprehensive view on how your activities are really performing. These insights shine a light on a major blind spot that previously left giant sums of revenue unaccounted for, illuminating the path to increased success in the near future.

Marketing teams need to be investing in solutions that seamlessly complement their existing technology stack, that includes Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook Ads integration highlights Infinity’s commitment to building a world-leading partner ecosystem, opening up call tracking’s commercial possibilities to a whole new spectrum of marketers.

Warren Newbert | CEO, Infinity

If you are an existing Infinity client, speak to your Customer Success Manager to begin setting up the integration with your Facebook account.

If Facebook is part of your marketing toolkit and you would like to understand the full effect your paid campaigns have on the revenue and phone calls your business is generating, start a conversation with Infinity today.


1) More Than Half Of The People On Earth Now Use Social Media, We Are Social, (21 Jul, 2020)

Product Marketing Manager

Andy Vale
Product Marketing Manager

Andy has spent years obsessively analysing how businesses can unlock value from engagements with their audience. Outside his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox, and his National Trust membership.

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