Infinity & LivePerson: Closing the gap between chats and calls

Andy Vale

By Andy Vale
20 Mar 2024

5 min read


At Infinity, we know customers switch between different channels depending on where they are in their journey. Businesses that get this and understand why this happens will be much better placed to make smarter decisions. That’s why Infinity has partnered with LivePerson to help brands close the gap between chats and calls. Why? Because - as customer behaviors and journeys evolve, the Infinity platform does too! 

Millions of customers rely on live chats to engage with businesses every day. Often, their queries are resolved via digital messaging conversations. That’s either with an agent or an AI chatbot.  But what happens when those customers aren’t getting what they need and they shift from chats to phone calls?

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Marketers are hit with an immediate attribution blind spot. Together, LivePerson and Infinity are on a mission to make this a problem of the past with our groundbreaking partnership.

Connected conversations

Going forward, our clients will be able to get a clear view of when conversations shift from online to offline. 


Our new partnership will help brands drive enhanced personalization and measurable ROI. Moreover, it’ll make it super easy to connect attribution data across voice calls and digital messaging conversations. So, no more attribution blind spots when a customer picks up the phone! 

Having a clear view of every interaction - be that an AI-powered chat, or one with a human agent - as well as the call that came after, makes it a whole load easier to sculpt more efficient, satisfying, and connected customer experiences.  

By connecting this data across channels, brands can: 

  • Strengthen their visibility into online-to-offline engagements 
  • Optimize marketing spend with improved first-touch attribution data 
  • Gain clarity on what makes customers pick up the phone 
  • Improve sales and service outcomes with more personalized experiences 

According to LivePerson’s recent State of Customer Conversations report, the vast majority of consumers want the option to seamlessly switch between calls and digital conversations depending on their preference in the moment,” said Dan Sincavage, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at LivePerson.

Infinity’s Vice President of Partnerships, Kris Wagland, added, “Our partnership and integrated solution with LivePerson enables mutual clients to greatly improve ROI from marketing spend, while optimizing the experiences they deliver at scale for their clients across channels. This is a win-win for brands and their customers — and it’s indicative of the bold vision we share with LivePerson for the opportunities within the conversational intelligence space.” 

LivePerson and Infinity get the world talking

This partnership is a logical next step in Infinity’s ongoing evolution toward better serving call-centric business. We know this partnership will be the next step in helping contact centres, marketers, and customer service teams massively improve the experiences they deliver. 

We’ve always been hot on making our solution fit in seamlessly with our clients' existing tech stacks. This is because we know how important it is to add customer insights and call tracking data to other analytics, reporting, and communications platforms to help brands drive more meaningful results. 

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The combination of LivePerson’s industry-leading digital customer conversation platform and analytics with Infinity’s powerful call intelligence enables brands to unlock an exciting and high-impact set of data and insights that make conversations across these channels more powerful than ever, accelerating their digital transformation.” 

Dan Sincavage | Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships, LivePerson

Both companies share an unshakeable drive to deliver real, meaningful improvements to their clients’ bottom line. For example, LivePerson customers have seen benefits including up to a 25% increase in customer satisfaction rates and 30% reductions in operating costs, and Infinity customers have seen benefits including up to 45% increases in phone leads and a 64% reduction in cost of acquisition

It’s only the start…

This is just the beginning of our partnership with LivePerson,” said Warren Newbert, CEO of Infinity. “We’re already making it possible to attribute calls and ROI to digital conversations, and we’re excited to offer even more valuable insights to marketers, sales teams, CX professionals, and contact centers as our partnership progresses. I’m exceptionally excited that Infinity has found the right partner to bring our services to digital conversations.” 

The integration is available for early access clients, with a general release and further functionality to roll out later in 2024. If you'd like to find out more, you can visit the LivePerson marketplace listing or click the button below. 

If you’re an Infinity client keen to explore this option, just reach out to your customer success manager.

About LivePerson 

LivePerson (NASDAQ: LPSN) is the enterprise leader in digital customer conversations. The world’s leading brands — including HSBC, Chipotle, and Virgin Media — use their award-winning Conversational Cloud platform to connect with millions of consumers. They power nearly a billion conversational interactions every month, providing a uniquely rich data set and AI-powered solutions to accelerate contact centre transformation, supercharge agent productivity, and deliver more personalised customer experiences. Fast Company named them the #1 Most Innovative AI Company in the world.

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