Infinity’s HubSpot integration: Connect calls to campaigns today!

6 Jul 2020 in Tech

One of our most requested integrations of all time is now live. With over 50,000 companies using it, including many Infinity clients, we are proud to welcome HubSpot to our range of tech partners.

Infinity’s integration with HubSpot enables clients to track phone calls in real time in HubSpot, where they can be surfaced on the timeline for the contact in question. This empowers clients with a more complete view of the impact of their HubSpot campaigns, a crucial cog in measuring and improving ROI from both online and offline channels.

Marketers who are unable to connect their campaigns to calls miss knowing the magic ingredients that led to some of their biggest conversions. People often call to make large orders, and are showing a high level of intent that must be understood and fostered.

Tried and tested

As a marketing team who use HubSpot regularly (we recently published a case study with them here), we have tested this integration extensively to see the touchpoints in our campaigns that have led to calls further down the line and are excited for you to see the results too.

"Our content team produces a lot of great content that we publish regularly, and it's exciting to see its impact on our revenue pipeline. HubSpot makes lead generation so much easier. We combine it with Infinity to see how certain tactics have impacted our numbers in a given month or quarter.

Paula Morales | Head of Marketing, Infinity

Calls received can be used as events to alter, stop, or start workflows in HubSpot. So if someone calls you after receiving email A, you can decide to send them email C instead of email B, or remove them from the campaign.

Hubspot-Integration-Calls-View-2020-07-02.png Some of the details of a call that can be seen in HubSpot, captured by Infinity.

Many industries are seeing an uptick in call volumes, or preparing to welcome customers back when restrictions lift. It’s, therefore, crucial to use this time to ensure you can see every step of the customer journey, and make each one count.

Spotted something you like?

Our HubSpot integration is now live for Infinity customers to try out in our Hub. Instructions for implementing it can be found here in our Campus, but please do not hesitate to speak to your Customer Success Manager or our support team if you would like assistance.

If you’re a HubSpot user and want to ensure inbound phone calls are visible in your campaigns, plus the other benefits call intelligence brings, start a conversation with us today.

Head of Content

Andy Vale
Head of Content

Andy has spent years obsessively analysing B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns and technology. Outside his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox, and his National Trust membership.

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