How to Optimise ROAS Using Google AdWords in 2022

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Marketing budgets have fallen to the lowest levels in recent history and this means savvy marketers are working harder than ever to demonstrate that their campaigns are having real impact on revenues. ROAS - return on ad spend - is one of the most popular metrics, as it measures the amount of generated for every pound you spend on advertising.

Accurately tracking ROAS across your Google AdWords campaign can hugely benefit marketers by improving campaigns and increasing lead acquisition. It’s also one of the most effective places to get started with optimisation, given 70% of all customers call their target business direct through Google AdWords.

Ready to find out more about how to optimise ROAS using Google AdWords? In this blog, we’ll outline how to optimise ROAS using Google AdWords in 2022.

What is ROAS optimisation?

ROAS is a marketing-focused metric, most often used to measure the impact of digital advertising campaigns. It can be used to measure much more granular campaign activity such as specific ads, audience targeting, campaigns and marketing channels.

Optimising ROAS involves accurately calculating it, which will give you an understanding of which channels are successfully driving revenue, which messaging is resonating most, and most important, where your most high-value leads are coming from. This will allow you to flex your campaigns to reach more of those customers and convert them faster.

Is ROAS a good way to determine ad performance?

If you advertise online using paid social, PPC, or display campaigns, you need to measure the revenue being generated by these activities if you want to effectively optimise your budget. It’s designed to show you exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

Once you know exactly how much you’re spending and what revenue is being generated in return, you can start to tweak audiences, messaging and budgets to keep optimising that spend. It can also help you identify areas in which you’re overspending and make adjustments quickly to prevent waste.

You might be wondering, what is a good ROAS for Google Ads? There is no right answer as it will depend on your industry and your marketing objectives. But generally, anything over 400% - or a 4:1 return - represents a good return on your advertising investment.

If you’re running Google Ads to drive sales calls, you might wish to track ROAS alongside other call-specific metrics such as first-call resolution, average handling time, cost per call, contact quality, website visitors to interactions and conversion rate.

How do I optimise ROAS on Google Adwords?

Using Infinity's call tracking and Google Marketing Platform together helps you make continuously smarter decisions, prove the impact of your activity and further define your marketing strategy for future campaigns.

Infinity allows you to seamlessly integrate call data into Google AdWords, giving you a more complete picture of the customer journey. For example, call tracking can assist with creating better multi-channel marketing attribution by connecting the dots between your online and offline activities.

Using Google and call tracking together, you’re able to:

  • Send goals and phone call data in real-time, along with call type and value.

  • Record individual calls and goals as events in Google Analytics.

  • Send revenue and outcomes into Google as Goal Value.

  • See which keywords work, and which don’t, within your bid management solution.

  • Identify whether display impressions have contributed to phone calls.

  • Tailor display budgets confidently, with the knowledge that the ROI is proven.

Thanks to our latest upgrade, our Google Ads integration can now capture granular insights on the keyword groups, ads and campaigns that trigger calls directly from Search Ads. This is significant since 70% of people browsing on mobiles call by tapping the phone numbers in call ads, call extensions and location extensions.

Key takeaways

Let’s recap on what ROAS is in Google AdWords and how you can optimise ROAS to run better AdWords campaigns in 2022:

  • ROAS helps you understand which marketing channels, messaging and ads are driving the most leads and customers, helping you optimise spend

  • Connecting your Google AdWords campaigns to Infinity can give you direct insight into how your ads are influencing calls, allowing you to automatically optimise bids to improve call outcomes

  • Call tracking seamlessly integrates call data into the full Google suite, giving you a more complete picture of the customer journey.

Every conversation matters. Start one with us to discover how call tracking can help you optimise your most valuable customer conversations.

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