How can debt-management companies find more clients?

25 Mar 2020 in Digital Marketing

Economic uncertainty acts as a catalyst for the beginning of financial problems for a multitude of people. During this time, more and more people will seek advice from debt management companies on how best to manage their finances.

Whether it’s creating monthly plans to make repayments more manageable, overseeing arrangements between consumers and creditors, or just general debt advice, these businesses are a lifeline to clients who may be unable to pay their bills.

For these companies, getting the data on where these potential clients are, how they’re finding your business, and what’s making them pick up the phone to you is crucial in helping as many clients as possible.

You need complete visibility of your customer journey from the first click to the last call, in order to correctly learn what your customer’s journey is, and where these conversations are originating from.

With this data, you can learn what’s driving conversations to your business, which of your marketing sources are resonating with your audience, and which of it isn’t.

How does call tracking do that?

Call tracking is the process of tracking phone calls by using a tracking number on all collateral, including your website (across multiple visits), landing pages, emails, and brochures to identify which are contributing to your business goals. Call tracking closes a loop between online and offline activity.

For example, if your debt management company is interested in reaching an audience in a specific sector or region, call tracking becomes invaluable. Not only can it tell you what’s working to obtain this audience, but it will also identify what new steps are succeeding in connecting with other audiences too.

Reducing your spend

Figuring out what’s working also gives you the ability to identify what’s not. Perhaps your current PPC messaging isn’t driving phone calls in the current climate as you might have expected. As an expensive channel, can you really afford to be wasting valuable funds on something that isn’t having a positive impact on your business? By using call tracking technology, you’ll have the correct insights to decide which channels need adjusting for the meantime. Thus saving your teams, and companies, valuable budget for other uses.

The next step

Whilst everybody waits to turn this corner, one thing is for sure, and that’s ensuring your company is providing the right sort of guidance for the right clients.

Infinity works with over 750+ clients to provide the next level in call tracking technology. Not only do we give you full visibility on your customer journey, but we can also use our Conversation Analytics suite to help you analyse what’s being said on phone calls. From keywords that matter to your business to payment identification, these insights help you make smarter, data-led decisions that have a real impact on your business.

Start your own conversation with us today by giving us a call, clicking this link, or chatting to one of our team via live chat.

Product Marketing Manager

Andy Vale
Product Marketing Manager

Andy has spent years obsessively analysing how businesses can unlock value from engagements with their audience. Outside his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox, and his National Trust membership.

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