What is Conversation Analytics?

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Conversation Analytics is the ability to analyse the content of a phone call with the purpose of understanding what was discussed. This is done automatically in order to improve customer service, train phone agents, and understand the type of caller that certain marketing channels are attracting. The recordings can be catalogued, searched, and accessed at scale, saving a tremendous amount of time.

For years, Infinity has delivered pinpoint precision on the journey that led to the call. In more recent times, we helped clients catalogue the outcomes of a call and how the relationship progressed. Today, we launch our Conversation Analytics suite to unlock the wealth of undiscovered insights that are contained within every single call.

What Conversation Analytics can do for you

By 2020, calls to businesses from smartphones alone will skyrocket to 169 billion a year, driving many more billions of pounds in consumer spending. In a marketplace awash with fleeting and anonymous digital touchpoints, telephone calls are the most direct engagements you will have with many of your customers. Each conversation you have is packed full of valuable data.

But do you really have the time to manually listen to every call and find out pivotal details such as:

  • What did they call about?
  • How do they feel about your product?
  • Did they make a payment?
  • Was a competitor mentioned?
  • Were they happier at the end of the call than the beginning?
  • How to predict the outcome of a call in the future?

What if you could capture that data, and harness it to produce more of the bottom-line boosting results you want and less of the ones you don’t? This is the mission objective of our Conversation Analytics suite.

Conversation Analytics provides both the brains and the brawn to record and analyse every call while also enabling you to sift through them for the insights that matter to you.

Every conversation counts, capture everything

Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite is underpinned by industry leading speech recognition technology, with machine learning capabilities that will evolve to learn the nuances of your brand, products, and individual phone agents.

This can be customised to spot any keywords that matter to you, such as a higher value term or something that indicates a strong propensity to buy. In fact, with the Payment Identification feature, we can even tell you which calls included a transaction or booking of some sort.

But not only are the individual words transcribed, the mood and tone of the call will also be stored using our Sentiment Analysis software.


Moreover, as your use of the Conversation Analytics suite grows, you will also have the option of being able to use it to predict the outcome of calls based on sophisticated machine learning modelling using your previous calls.

Of course, this is all on top of Infinity’s existing call intelligence solutions, which are driving real businesses in marketing teams and contact centres already. The data in the Conversation Analytics suite can be observed through the lens of whichever dimensions, regions, or segments you were already using.

Data matters, so we protect it

Often, people will call a company because they want to discuss a major purchase, or have a complex service query. These calls tend to include financial transactions or other personal details, which need to be handled with immense care. Naturally, if a call is being recorded and transcribed, these details would be available too, right? Wrong.

The Conversation Analytics suite identifies and redacts sensitive data from calls to provide both you and your customers with the reassurance that nobody will be able to access this data.

The story so far...

The Telegraph have been using our Conversation Analytics suite to identify when calls to their travel partners have resulted in a booking, enabling them to forecast revenue effectively and improve their customer journey. (Read full case study.)

The Telegraph have a very trusted brand, and when we’re passing calls to our partners it’s important for me to understand our customer’s journey. Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite is very flexible, the results are immediate, and we are learning things that we didn’t know before. The exciting thing is that you start to solve one issue, and you uncover many more that you can solve too, and we’re just at the start of that evolution.

Mark Woodcock | Commercial Director - Travel, The Telegraph

Meanwhile, Flight Centre have been using the Conversation Analytics suite to help categorise the quality of enquiries they are receiving. This insight helps them know what aspects of their website refresh are connecting with the audience they want to be reaching. (Read full case study.)

Conversation Analytics have given us a spectacular view on what a high quality phone enquiry looks like. It makes it easy for our marketing and operations teams to isolate certain types of enquiry that we want to understand more about. Understanding what’s generating certain types of enquiry is an important step in improving our online marketing efforts.

James Boyle | Head of Digital Marketing, Flight Centre

What next?

The Conversation Analytics suite is now an upgrade available to all Infinity customers. Please get in contact with your Customer Success manager to get the most in-depth, revealing look at the conversations you have with your customers.

Alternatively, start a conversation with Infinity today to explore the solutions we can offer to you.

Chris Sedlmayr

Chris Sedlmayr

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Passionate about solving business problems with our technology, and pushing Infinity forward in all areas. Proud husband and father of two.

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