A little more conversation: Six new ways to win with conversation analytics

5 Mar 2020 in

It’s been just over a year since we launched our Conversation Analytics suite, giving our clients a window into what’s really happening on their calls, at scale, without the need to manually listen to thousands of them.

Some key Conversation Analytics uses include:

  • Identifying keywords used on calls
  • Pinpointing calls where payments were made
  • Cataloguing calls about specific products, services, or locations
  • Organising and logging calls at scale
  • Improving first call resolution
  • Understanding market positioning



We already have case studies for how the Telegraph and Flight Centre have used our Conversation Analytics suite, along with multiple award nominations. But what has happened since then?

We thought we’d give you an update on how a mix of different industries can use this technology for real results, including travel, insurance, utilities, pest control, and more.

1) Engaging with public health

Many Infinity clients in the travel sector specialise in tours and holidays to the far east, while many of our insurance companies offer travel insurance for trips there. Of course, with the growing news of the Coronavirus, many of their customers have questions about what steps or precautions they need to take.

Using Conversation Analytics to highlight key terms relating to the virus and highlighting calls mentioning them, travel companies are able to quickly identify what people’s concerns are, what aspects need to be communicated better, and who to call back at a later date if the situation changes. It will also be used to help improve training programmes for dealing with unexpected global events in future, both in terms of how messages are communicated and if suitable alternatives were offered where necessary. Likewise, insurance providers can also hear how many are calling up to clarify what’s covered in their policy.

2) Sale or support

At our most recent Success event, we were joined by Adrian Maguire from British Gas Business, who gave us the story of how they had been working with Infinity to refine their Conversation Analytics suite to understand what type of calls are coming from what part of their website.

With a degree of accuracy over 95%, they were able to score calls automatically based on keywords used that indicated whether a call was likely to be a sales call or a support one. This is an important distinction because one they want to be increasing, while the other they want to try and solve online where possible.

3) Pest controlling

As with many industries whose customers need an immediate solution from a specialist, phone calls play an important role in the customer journey.

Pest Control companies using Conversation Analytics are able to isolate calls where the caller mentions specific pests. This can be used to help identify which channels are being used to drive calls about which pests, and can help give you a macro-view on which locations are driving a high amount of engaged traffic.

4) Helping insurers reduce mid-term cancellations

We recently spoke about how Conversation Analytics is being used by insurers to help improve conversion rates when renewals are approaching, but what about when customers wish to cancel before then?

Mid-term cancellation calls can happen for a mix of reasons such as a house move, a new car, or simply finding a better price elsewhere. But they don’t all have to result in a cancellation if handled properly. Filling this hole in the bucket will keep ample revenue onboard, but training to deal with those situations is hard without knowing what is said in those calls. This is where cataloguing those calls with Conversation Analytics is beneficial, as they can be identified in seconds to help train your phone agents.

5) Competitor research

Every conversation is a treasure trove of direct customer insight about your marketing, your product, and your service. But what else is there?

Many of our clients in utilities and service industries are using Conversation Analytics to pick out calls mentioning some of their competitors for a mix of reasons including:

  • Feedback on price
  • Understanding the differences between products
  • Assessing competitive advantages
  • Why customers are switching to or from them
  • Where customers are switching to or from

Getting a better handle on these questions is an important step in unlocking significant advantages in the marketplace.

6) Start your engines… but which one?

Automotive dealership groups may sell a huge variety of vehicles, brands, and models (new and used) across hundreds of locations. Knowing what channels are driving calls about what vehicles is a crucial insight, but highly impractical to record manually.

Our Conversation Analytics suite is helping our dealership clients get a centralised view on the types of cars, vans, and other vehicles that are responsible for the phones being picked up, as well as the outcomes.

This is only the beginning

What’s truly exciting about this is that we’re still very much in the early stages of seeing what is possible with this technology, yet it is already delivering an unprecedented amount of insight and value to our clients. This, in turn, helps them offer a better quality of service to their customers, as well as keeping their prices competitive.

Start a conversation with us today to discuss how Conversation Analytics can surface tremendous advantages for you. Send us a message here, call us on the number at the top of the page, or start a chat with us on the window to your right.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

Product Marketing Manager
Andy has spent years obsessively analyzing B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns and technology. Outside of his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox and his National Trust membership.

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