What is Call Tracking? How does it work? What are the benefits?

4 Feb 2019 in Marketing

Call tracking is the process of linking 'offline' phone calls to 'online' visitors. Phone numbers used in marketing channels are tracked to understand and track the customer journey from beginning to end. It can even be implemented into offline channels too.

In this blog, we’ll run through some other frequently asked questions that we get asked about call tracking.

What are call tracking numbers?

Call tracking numbers are trackable numbers specifically created for marketing campaigns or to track customer journeys for optimisation purposes. They can track which source led a visitor to call your business. These numbers can either be fixed or dynamic, depending on the strategy of your campaign.

What is dynamic call tracking?

Dynamic call tracking assigns uniquely generated telephone numbers to each website visitor. Each number will then provide data on individual customer journeys and which source, ranging from PPC, SEO and more, the customer originated from. This is different from fixed numbers, which are generally used for offline media, such as TV, Radio, and print. Fixed numbers still provide useable data but are not as comprehensive as dynamic numbers.

To learn more of the differences between fixed and dynamic call tracking, and how to utilise them both, download our eBook on the topic here.

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What is call tracking software?

Call tracking is a cloud-based analytics solution, with advanced and unique tracking capabilities. It is the system that handles the tracking of visitors, events, phone calls, goals, and the processes that unite the customer journey from offline calls right through to online visitors.

How does call tracking software work?

  1. A cookie is generated per visitor, this records the visits to the website

  2. A different telephone number is assigned to each unique visitor on the website

  3. A visitor calls the unique number; call tracking software then records user data.

  4. Call tracking software can then merge phone call data with the visitors digital activity, enabling businesses to have a complete view of the customer journey, original source, and much more.

Why do you need call tracking?

Businesses that use phone numbers for sales, bookings, or support need call tracking to help understand their customers’ journeys. Whether this is online, offline, or both. It provides granular tracking to understand which marketing campaigns are providing true value to businesses, allowing them to optimise budget, increase revenue, and sustain growth.

How can you use call tracking?

Call tracking provides a large mix of solutions for marketing teams, as well as helping operations teams deliver better efficiencies and sales results. For some more specific examples and outcomes across a mix of industries, take a look at our case studies.

If your business receives inbound calls from marketing campaigns, or in general, you need to be tracking them in order to gain a complete view of your customer journey. Start a conversation with us today to see what we can do for you.


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