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18 Oct 2021 in

You wouldn’t be wrong to believe that, if your customers are calling you, it’s a good indicator that you’re doing a lot of things right. On the other hand, it’s essential to recognise that not every customer call can – or should be – viewed in the same way. And, if you’re basing most of your customer insight on the volume of calls you receive, it’s likely you’ll be missing out on a lot of important data.

For example, are you able to identify exactly which customer calls have been the most successful? Are you able to see which of your campaigns are exciting your customers the most? Are you using the best metrics available to direct (and protect) your marketing spend?

While it’s useful to track the volume of your customer calls, having real, meaningful insight into the value and outcomes of every call will be invaluable to your business.

Being able to pinpoint exactly how much revenue has been driven by each call will help you to build on this and keep doing what’s working well for you.

Unfortunately, most organisations believe that, for this level of customer analysis, you’d need advanced technology integrations, extra technical development support, or a heavier reliance on contact centre agents to pull call reports. Well, we’re here to tell you this isn’t the case. You just need to work smarter.

Introducing Smart Match

We’re excited to announce Smart Match, the easiest way to connect revenue to your calls and campaigns. Smart Match comes from our recent acquisition which has seen ResponseTap become part of Infinity. This joining of forces is huge for us and our customers – who’ll get to benefit from our combined suite of products.


Revenue and other outcomes can now be attributed to calls and their source – no CRM integration required!

The great thing about Smart Match is that it’s super simple to use. There’s no need to set up a complex CRM integration – all you need to do is a quick .csv upload. Our Smart Match algorithm will do the rest, and, within a matter of seconds, you’ll immediately see which campaigns are driving your highest value phone calls.

Using Smart Match means you can optimise campaigns based on revenue or profit generated from each campaign - not just how many calls each campaign drove.

Smart Match users are reaping real business value by:

  • Getting a complete picture of the value of their calls

  • Lowering costs of acquiring new customers

  • Identifying underperforming activity

  • Optimising lead conversion

  • Increasing average order value

By pairing call tracking with Smart Match, you can find and generate even more of the calls that matter the most to you. Identifying the​ specific campaigns, channels and keywords that produce the best returns will allow you to optimise your marketing mix based on revenue or profit, rather than just the volume of enquiries.

Interested in switching to a smarter way of connecting your calls to your campaigns and revenue? Take a look at how it works.

“Being able to track the lead source and then assign a revenue and margin value has been a major breakthrough for us. Because we have an online to offline journey in terms of conversion, Smart Match has allowed us to match a revenue and profit to calls, which we’ve previously never been able to do. That has then allowed us to get far closer to a channel attribution and a return on investment by channel” – Simon Hoe, Head of Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Cruise1st

Take the first step towards smarter marketing and find out more about Smart Match by starting a conversation with us today.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

Product Marketing Manager
Andy has spent years obsessively analysing B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns and technology. Outside of his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox and his National Trust membership.

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