Infinity and Bing Ads uncover the true impact of search campaigns

Published on 29th Jan 2018 in PPC

Marketers investing in Bing Ads can now do so with full confidence that they have all the insights at hand to understand long-term customer journeys and maximise ROI on ad spend.

Infinity have worked alongside Bing to pinpoint when PPC clicks have resulted in an offline sales call, and the value of those sales. Providing this insight to Bing Ads customers is another step in our ongoing mission to provide crystal clear clarity on the true impact of enterprise marketing spend.

This new integration uses Bing Ads’ ‘Offline Conversion Import’ feature to pass Infinity calls, call ratings, or CRM events that are the result of Bing Ad clicks into Bing as conversions. It shows when a customer has clicked on a PPC ad in Bing, and called you either on that same visit or a subsequent one. At scale, you will see the keywords responsible for the conversions that matter to you.

BingInfinity is an important partner to Bing Ads. We’re excited to see them connect their call tracking platform together with Bing Ads, so that our shared customers see their call conversion data across the Bing Ads experience. This will bring new insights and reporting to customers, that can help them better optimise their search campaigns towards increased business impact.

Dare Obasanjo | Partner PM Manager, Bing Ads

By including offline conversions from phone calls into Bing Ads, you will gain a more comprehensive view on how your ads, bids, and search marketing tactics are performing. These insights shine a light on a major blind spot that previously left giant sums of revenue unaccounted for, illuminating the path to increased success in the near future.

If you are an existing Infinity client, read our guide here to begin setting up the integration with your Bing Ads account.

If you use Bing Ads and would like to understand the full effect they are having on the revenue and phone calls your business is generating, start a conversation with Infinity today.

Product Manager

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Product Manager

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