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How did Infinity help a leading UK storage company cut their contact centre costs by 50% during a pandemic, despite a significant boost in phone traffic?

Our new flexibility enabled us to better respond to our customers’ needs and adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace...

Key business outcomes

  • More efficient customer journeys
  • Optimised call centre operations
  • Optimised lead conversion
  • Streamlined tech stack

The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that many people’s plans changed, and with that so did their storage needs. A 35% boost in calls to Access Self Storage meant that existing sales and customer service processes urgently needed to be updated to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market. Better utilisation of internal resources was needed to avoid an overflow of calls leading to a great rise in external contact centre costs.

This challenge called for a focus on both technology and tactics. Access Self Storage needed to handle calls more efficiently to keep costs and waiting times down, as well as gaining a better understanding of the needs and questions people had during a constantly evolving global situation.

Why Infinity?

Access Self Storage’s marketing team had been using Infinity’s call tracking platform since 2014. This meant that when it became time to launch a contact centre project, Access Self Storage trusted Infinity’s ability to handle it in an effective, timely manner, while also benefitting from vendor consolidation across departments.

As Access Self Storage’s call volumes grew by tens of thousands every month, it was evident that Infinity could operate at the scale needed to tackle this challenge.

The Solution

Infinity worked briskly with Access Self Storage to build a Custom Dial Plan that optimised the number of sales calls they could answer, as well as implementing smart call routing at certain times of the day.

This Custom Dial Plan meant Access Storage could:

  • Give the most relevant departments the correct type of calls
  • Maximise the number of sales and support calls they were able to handle
  • See when different types of calls were needed
  • Route fewer calls to their external call centre
  • Reduce the number of calls their physical locations needed to answer

To improve standards of service, Access Self Storage already had Infinity set up to record and catalogue calls (such as support or sales). They routinely listened to these calls to help update processes, scripts, and training. This practice was crucial in reacting to the changing needs of customers, and for answering the many new questions that the pandemic posed such as:

  • Are there new products that need to be offered or promoted?
  • Do existing call scripts ask the right questions?
  • What new concerns are common, and how can they be addressed?
  • How else could their products help customers?
  • What did this mean for their usual busy seasons, such as University holidays?

Using Infinity’s segmentation functionality, Access Self Storage could also monitor performance on a local level. This helped them identify new best practices and pinpoint areas for improvement.

All of this was executed alongside Access Self Storage’s existing usage of Infinity for optimising their marketing activity.

The Results

By optimising call routing and marketing activity, plus giving Access Self Storage a smoother caller journey, Infinity helped Access Self Storage achieve the following results:

  • 50% reduction in external contact centre costs
  • 53% improvement in PPC conversion rate
  • 23% year-on-year boost in calls from offline marketing activity
  • 35% year-on-year increase in converting calls

Access Self Storage are now looking to utilise more of Infinity’s data across their CRM system to help monitor more key performance indicators across all regions, as well as pinpoint the best calls to use for training. They will also be increasing their marketing usage by adopting more of Infinity’s functionality, such as the Facebook Ads integration.

What the client says

Seeing the results that Infinity helped our marketing team deliver, and the trust they had in them, meant that we had enormous confidence in using them to optimise our contact centre operations. Infinity have helped us drive real commercial results while also improving the service we can offer customers, and we look forward to doing more together in future.
Gareth Morris | Operations Manager, Access Self Storage

Infinity’s dialplan helped us make significant changes quickly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our new flexibility enabled us to better respond to our customers’ needs and adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. Going forward, these changes will enable us to work more efficiently while exceeding the standards expected by our customers.
Cassie Brooks | Customer Service Manager, Access Self Storage

Infinity gave us great visibility on what works in our marketing campaigns. Also, their extensive knowledge is always on hand to advise on the best options, ensuring that our business interests are always met.
Giovanni Bronca | Marketing Data Analyst, Access Self Storage

Access Self Storage is one of the UK's largest and fastest growing self-storage and office space rental companies. They have expanded to over 50 major locations across the UK, providing a range of solutions to both individuals and businesses.

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