Talking the Talk: Four fast steps to driving digital transformation with Conversation Analytics

24 May 2021 in


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Digital transformation for a brand is an imperative, and it comes from four areas...
Rob Pierre | Co-founder & CEO, Jellyfish

Digital Transformation may get used as a buzzword at conferences and strategy meetings, but with good reason. When executed successfully it could be the foundation that totally transforms your business in the modern world.

In one minute, Rob Pierre lays out four clear pillars that are crucial for truly transformative outcomes.

This clip was taken from our popular interview ‘Under The Hood and Beyond the Horizon: The next 10 years of marketing strategy and technology’ that we recorded for our tenth birthday. Why not watch it after you have read this?

But this transformation won’t happen with just a spreadsheet and a dream. These four pillars rely on you to make smart choices about how you invest in them and how you empower them.

Conversation Analytics for digital transformation

Conversation Analytics is Infinity’s advanced platform for unlocking the value from every conversation you have with your customers. Our latest major update will help marketers discover strategic insights, while giving contact centres tools to boost their conversion rates and quality of service.


For businesses who regularly receive service or sales calls, the potential in these calls truly is capable of seismic change. In that moment you are at the forefront of your customer’s mind and can ruin the relationship or win lifetime loyalty.

Here is how Conversation Analytics helps you build the four core pillars of digital transformation.

1) Technology – Simple set-up and fast time to value

Lay the tracks to harvest the data and activate your creative.

Many grand tech solutions have fallen by the wayside because the value they offered simply couldn’t be harnessed. Maybe you’ve paid for some already?

Our latest update to Conversation Analytics sets you on the right path from day one. Our Wizard guides you through some short, simple steps to start spotting the keywords that matter to you as well as how you would like to store and score them.

Saving weeks of iterative testing that other speech analytics providers require, our Tester uses existing calls to help ensure you’re happy with your keywords and scoring within minutes.

2) Data - Connecting conversations to conversions

Which pockets of data can we use and how?

A mix of keyword spotting and scoring can be used to determine features of a call such as:

  • Did a sale take place?
  • Was a specific high value product mentioned?
  • Was it a support call or a sales call?
  • Was it a new or existing customer?
  • How did they refer to your products?
  • Are they switching from a competitor?

This information can be fed into your CRM to go alongside a customer profile, it can even be fed back into bidding platforms as a goal using an advanced call tracking solution. Automate smarter bidding with Google Ads, create lookalike audiences in Facebook, or see which of your display ads are seen on the customer’s journey towards a conversion.

If conversions from calls matter to you, then why not have a quick flick through our eBook on this very topic?

3) People – Upskilling at scale

Everybody, partners and own organisations, have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to activate.

One highly skilled phone agent - who knows how to help, inspire, and win over a customer – is worth their weight in gold.

If their tactics and skills become easier to isolate, study, and transfer to others in your contact centres then they become worth their weight in diamonds.

Conversation Analytics makes it easy to automatically catalogue and search the calls that matter most to you, leading you straight to the moments that made the difference. Analyse them and train your next batch of recruits using them to ramp them up at record speed.

Our new sentiment analysis feature will also help you pinpoint the points where your star phone agents managed to turn tough situations around to delight your customers.

In the last few months alone, we have already seen a global household technology company reduce their average call handling time by 20% after studying key calls unearthed with Conversation Analytics.

4) Creativity – Attract the lightning bolt

We’re still storytellers, we’re just using a different canvas.

Many of the most transformative ideas in business came from close observation of potential customers, and that won’t change. What will change is where you can get those insights, and how quickly you can pick them out.

This is where Spotlight comes in, which highlights common terms that you aren’t looking for on your phone calls. What’s inciting desire in your audience? What descriptive terms are popping up again and again? How do they really feel about your brand? What trends have you not yet spotted in your conversations?

Tapping into these marketplace truths ahead of everyone else will help you become a true pioneer in your space, cutting through the zeitgeist while others are struggling for relevance.

For example, an Oscar-winning film might have a notable scene at a villa looking out over the ocean. A travel company noticing callers are mentioning that film could use that scene as inspiration for a brochure cover. That tweak could be the difference between the recycling bin and the coffee table (plus the bookings that follow).

Start the transformation today

Multiplying the benefits of every conversation you have with your customers will yield noticeable improvements across your marketing, sales, and contact centre teams. If you’re keen to hear how to turn this into a reality, we’d love you to start a conversation with us today.

Andy Vale

Andy Vale

Product Marketing Manager
Andy has spent years obsessively analyzing B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns and technology. Outside of his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox and his National Trust membership.

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