Should I switch to Infinity?

27 Nov 2019 in Digital Marketing

Your computer’s turned on. Emails are loading.

It’s time to work. You’ve got reports to deliver.

No room for excuses.

The sales director is on your case about increasing leads.

The head of marketing’s strongly worded email about whether you’ll meet your quota is sitting accusingly in your inbox.

And, to top it off, the coffee machine is on the fritz.

But that’s ok, you’ve got the right call tracking software to get you the data you need.

You do, don’t you?

Are you confident in that?

Is that nagging uncertainty of presenting unreliable data weighing heavy?

Has your customer success manager been as absent as that one kid who always played truant at school?

Has your support query about that integration been left unanswered?

Could you be with the wrong call tracking company?

Should you switch to Infinity?

Take 2 minutes to find out.


We all know by now the importance of why. Thanks, Simon Sinek.

Why do you want to switch?

  1. Are you not getting the results you expected when you first signed up with your provider?

  2. Are you not delivering a valid ROI to seniors above?

  3. How much money are you wasting?

If you can’t face answering these yet, just try this one:

When was the last time you heard from your call tracking provider?

Whilst platforms, hopefully, endeavour to explain their system as plainly as possible, sometimes the complexity of the entire system is overbearing or you’d like to do more with it than you currently are.

After all, this isn’t just a plug and play.

To meet the goals you initially set out to conquer, guidance and support are key.

If you’re not getting that communicated to you plainly, what do you now have to consider?


What features are you currently using? Can Infinity match them, or does our product roadmap include these already?

You may worry about the loss of important data.

Usually, most clients who switch to Infinity have their call tracking data integrated into a third-party analytics platform, such as Google Analytics.

If that’s the case, it’s easy for Infinity to plug into that and carry on business as usual.

If you don’t, you probably should. This could potentially mean a fresh slate for call tracking.

Which, depending on how you look at it, could be a good thing for your company.

Starting off with a 98% accurate set of data doesn’t seem so bad?

Does it?


We believe call tracking should lie at the heart of some business’s strategy.

It’s an integral part of a modern customer journey.

But then, you’re not us. And we appreciate that.

Some marketers just want to dip their toe in the data and others perform a straight-up cannonball.

When do you use your call tracking data? Is it crucial to the performance of your business, or is it something that works in blissful harmony with your other martech platforms?

Deciding this enables you and your team to gauge how much time/effort is needed to get the most out of the platform.


Our mindset has always been to provide a solution, not just sell a product.

Firstly, we’d draw you up an implementation plan. As each business has its own priorities, it’ll be drawn up with yours in mind and we’ve vasts amounts of experience in doing these.

We’d then need you to replace your current call tracking provider’s code with an Infinity code. This is something we would give you during the onboarding stage.

After that, you can begin seeing the data you need, but with much more accuracy.

And, if there are any problems, our 24/7 support line is here to help.


Perhaps we’re biased.

Side note: we are.

But, there are several risks involved in not switching your account to Infinity.

Here’s the top three:

  1. Continuing with a platform that isn’t delivering. This wastes time and budget when you could be working with something that is delivering tangible results.

  2. Having to explain why this budget was allocated for this platform.

  3. Incorrectly reporting on the success/failure of campaigns (and acting on those incorrect insights).

Switch now

Despite a speech analytics tool that has been tried-and-tested for the last 2 years, a world-renowned customer success team, and an unfathomable commitment to “problem and then solution” mindset we realise you may still have some doubts.

And that’s ok.

Because we know this isn’t a quick decision.

Click the link below to begin a conversation about switching to Infinity.

I want to talk about switching

Solutions Architect

Nelson Castro
Solutions Architect

With Nelson's passion for technology and solution first mindset, a client's problem is never too big to fix. When he's not solutioning, he'll be walking his dogs at his local beach or binge-watching Netflix.

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