Salesforce and call tracking for marketers

17 Feb 2020 in

When companies integrate their call tracking into Salesforce, it adds the final piece to their customer journey. Because, despite Salesforce hosting a wealth of digital customer data and insight, it misses the last piece of the puzzle.

Offline phone calls.

According to Salesforce, in some industries, 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone1. Thus making this channel an ocean of data insights just waiting for you to dive into.

Think of integrating call tracking into Salesforce a bit like closing the loop on your data insights.

Like.... say... the symbol for Infinity, perhaps?

Here’s how your teams would benefit from integrating calls into Salesforce.

Salesforce and call tracking for marketers

Your marketing team will only ever be able to discover a campaign’s true ROI once they have all the facts.

To do this, you’d need to know the end-to-end customer journey, precise lead attribution model, and real-time reports on live campaigns.

Fortunately, a call tracking integration in Salesforce does all three.

Here’s an example.

Your customer’s journey starts with a visit to a company’s website but ends in an offline phone call. Call tracking technology reports on the click, call, and conversion. Basically, the entire journey.

Once your pre-defined conversion is logged, call tracking technology attributes the source that originally drove a customer to call. Whether this was PPC, Organic, Display or any other online campaign with specific landing pages.

Basically, wherever you’ve inserted a smart dynamic number.

Salesforce and call tracking for your sales teams

Finally, once this lead is attributed - your marketing team can then calculate the true ROI on any campaign they’ve launched.

For your sales team, a Salesforce call tracking integration enables them to inject call-related insights into their conversations with potential customers.

Phone calls host a wealth of data that your sales team could harness in order to inject personalisation in their conversations with customers.

The insights could be which campaign they originated from, which page they last viewed, or any extra information like current sales promotions they were looking at.

With this, your sales team’s message resonates quicker and faster, which helps them to close more sales quickly. Additionally, it saves your customer from having to repeat information they may have previously given another of your team.

And, as 88% of consumers hate having to repeat information provided via another channel2, this can only contribute to creating a great experience.

Which leads us to our next point.

Salesforce and call tracking for a better customer experience

Gartner predicts that 89% of businesses are now expected to compete mainly on customer experiences3.

Furthermore, the Temkin Group discovered that in a study concerning customer loyalty, 86% of participants who received a memorable customer experience were more likely to return to the same company4.

Therefore it’s becoming inevitable that CX is a key focus for the future.

A Salesforce call tracking integration can enhance your customer’s experience in the following ways:

  • Say you operate a car dealership. A customer’s journey on your website may include browsing your current stock or viewing information on how to book services. Depending on the journey they take, call tracking can give you the data to make certain rules about which department the customer is connected to in the first instance. Saving them time, giving them freedom from lengthy “Press 1” commands.

  • Or, let’s say a customer has between £500 - £1000 of products in their basket. Should your customer decide to complete the transaction over the phone, call tracking data can allow you to set up a rule that identifies this customer has a higher purchase intent and needs to be automatically pushed to the top of the caller queue to complete their sale.

A multitude of benefits

A Salesforce call tracking integration provides multiple benefits to multiple departments, but as your company will have its own priorities, you can use this integration flexibly to focus on what matters to you most.

"Infinity offered an easy one-stop solution that covered our client’s needs with easy access to support staff, dynamic numbers, and an ability to integrate with Salesforce."

Matt Bregel | Vice President Digital Media, CloudControlMedia

“Integrating our Infinity data with Salesforce has made it possible to identify the sources responsible for thousands of our patients that we couldn’t before.”

Sarah Sack | CRM and Business Analytics Manager, Promises Behavioral Health

If you want to find out how you could start benefiting from this, click on the live chat button or give us a call. Our team is waiting to hear from you.


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