The phone call reigns supreme, these 10 stats prove it

4 Dec 2019 in Marketing

Call us biased, but we can’t help but revel in the enormous power that phone calls unleash upon businesses.

Not only are they firmly embedded in consumers lives in the form of smartphones, but they can also:

  • Offer better service to your customer base
  • Convert high value orders
  • Entice customers to try additional services or products
  • Increase loyalty with customers

But, we realise we’ve got a vested interest in making such statements. We’re not the leading Call Intelligence providers for nothing.

So, we’ll let the facts of the phone call’s undeniable power speak for themselves.

Here are 10 top phone stats to prove their undeniable value to your business.

And in no particular order...

1. By 2020, businesses in the US alone will receive over 169 billion calls from smartphones, generating $1 trillion of revenue. BIA Kelsey

2. BIA/Kelsey also estimate that $68 billion is spent annually across all media for advertising meant to generate calls.

3. 61% of searchers on mobile believe it’s important that they can call a business when they’re in the purchase phase of the buying cycle – Google (PDF)

4. 53% of luxury shoppers choose to dial in over all other forms of communication. Approche Sur Mesure group (ASM)

5. 60% of consumers will call a small business to make a purchase, get information, or deal with an issue. BrightLocal

6. When a customer query becomes more complex, 40% of consumers want a phone conversation to solve their problem. - American Express.

7. 55% of respondents view call monitoring as the best way to gain customer feedback – Deloitte (PDF)

8. On average, SMBs offering sales over the phone received over 8,597 calls each during the last 6 months - Infinity

9. 64% of businesses believe customers should always have the option to talk to an agent. The Future of the Contact Center

10. 41% of customers stopped using a product or service after having to repeat themselves over and over on calls (and 88% hate having to repeat information provided via another channel) - RingCentral

What now?

If you’re ready to make the power of the phone call work hard for your business, or you’ve already begun taking steps in doing so, you need to know what’s working.

Call Tracking not only maximises the potential of these phone calls but gives you the insights to generate better results in the future.

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Sales Operations Director

Dan Cook
Sales Operations Director

Dan has a wealth of experience in analysing data to help businesses understand their performance and assess opportunities. His spare time is dominated by his young family.

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