Infinity Hub: What to expect from our major update

28 Feb 2018 in

In mid-2017, we began work on a major evolution of the Infinity platform. Eagle-eyed clients have noticed snippets of it in the new pictures on the website, so with the launch of our new Hub on the horizon I want to give you an insight into the thinking that has gone into it, before diving into the details at a later date.

When we started out building this new system, we went back to basics in all areas. We didn't take anything for granted, and re-evaluated the best way to present focused, actionable data sets. We looked at all of the questions our clients frequently want us to answer, and challenged ourselves to surface the answers in the most elegant and customisable way possible.

Hub - Visits Overview.png

There is much for our clients to gain going forward, our guiding theme as we built this new product is getting you the answers you want, quicker. Working alongside our clients, we saw where they were achieving meaningful commercial outcomes, and asked ourselves how we could make it as easy as possible for our other clients to replicate those results? We also looked at wider business challenges our clients are facing, and spent a long time analysing what we could do to maximise their ability to overcome those challenges.

We’ll be working off the same platform, with some notable upgrades added onto it. For example, we are designing an extremely powerful new attribution system, and a plethora of new conversational analytics products. But we have deeply researched how you have been extracting insights from the platform, using them, and presenting them back to your business. To achieve this, we have decided that a new way of interacting with Infinity is needed, and for this we are in the final stages of launching an all new Hub that you will be able to try out shortly.

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What should you do now?

Continue using our platform as you are. Seeing how our clients are currently getting value from us, and speaking to them about what they are looking to achieve has been a truly useful source of feedback for us. We are evolving our platform to suit you.

We will be rolling these changes out throughout 2018 and can’t wait to share more details with you. Clear guidance will be given to all Infinity clients in due course.

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Chris Sedlmayr

Chris Sedlmayr

Product Director
Passionate about solving business problems with our technology, and pushing Infinity forward in all areas. Proud husband and father of two.

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