Symfony Live Paris

11 Jun 2012 in News

The conference covers far more than the Symfony framework itself, being generally aimed at any PHP developers, and is a really good opportunity to listen to some great talks on some very interesting subjects. The main conference lasted two days, with a wide variety of talks including "How we built the new responsive BBC News site", "Object Calisthenics in PHP" and "twig.js: The Templating Engine for the Client-Side". It's also a great way to meet other developers to talk to and exchange knowledge and ideas. You can see the full list of talks at Symfony Live .

This is the second year we have attended, and the organisers really go out of their way to make it a conference to remember, it's incredibly well planned and executed, and is excellent value for money.

Also all of the talks from tracks one and two are recorded, enabling us to better share the experience with the rest of the team.

If you were unable to attend Symfony Live Paris this time around, there will be one held in London in September, more details will be announced soon, so it's definitely worth bearing in mind, we will certainly be there!

Product Director

Chris Sedlmayr
Product Director

Passionate about solving business problems with our technology, and pushing Infinity forward in all areas. Proud husband and father of two.

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