Symfony Live London 2012

Published on 19th Sep 2012 in News

The conference (organised by Sensio) was held at 'The Brewery', an impressive London venue, and was home to members of the PHP, Symfony and Drupal communities which made for some very interesting conversations over coffee and bacon rolls, courtesy of MyBuilder, one of the events sponsors.

The day kicked off with Dries (of Drupal fame) talking on "The Secrets of Building and Participating in Open Source Communities", a good start to the day, clearly a well practiced presenter, not surprising really considering he travelled 400,000 KM last year giving talks!

The next two talks I went to covered an In-Depth look at composer and some advanced use-cases, and building "Easy backends with Symfony2 and the SonataAdminBundle", Both of these talks were useful, and it's good to have this sort of talk that makes you aware of the possibilities a project has.

Next up was Dennis Benkert on "Things Your Mother Didn't Tell You About Bundle Configuration", explaining how to build your bundles so they are ready for sharing. It covered the steps the config resolver takes, and gave some good advice. Followed by Sebastian Marek on "Effective Code Reviews", managing to make a talk on code reviews entertaining!

These guys gave an incredible talk and demo of the PHPSpec2 project, the demo of using it in a Symfony2 project was real-time (always a brave move, but here it paid off). Their passion on this subject was a real joy to watch, it's certainly something to keep an eye on, and if you get the chance to see them talk on this subject, do not miss it!

Closing the day, was Fabien Potencier talking about what's next for Symfony. This was a talk mostly centered around a proposal for a structured release plan for the Symfony project, which I see as a very good move, giving predictable upgrade paths and LTS versions.

All in all, another great event for Symfony, happy to see many familiar faces from previous events, but also many new faces, including three other members of our team.

Thank you to everyone that was involved in organising the event.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next one!

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