Shine a spotlight on your marketing ROI with Infinity’s Intelligent Match update

15 Feb 2018 in News

The most simple method yet of assigning offline revenue to online marketing activity in your CRM, all the way down to the individual keyword.

Following a few months of testing with a select group of clients, we are proud to announce Intelligent Match, which is now available to Infinity users. Automatically connect business outcomes (such as a sale, a booking, or an enquiry) recorded in your CRM or customer database back to the call that was responsible, as well as the activity that led to it.

Linking your revenue to your activity in such a joined-up manner is a must-have for any business driving high value sales over the phone, such as companies in the travel, property, and financial service sectors. Marketing teams armed with these insights are primed to direct their efforts based on what’s genuinely responsible for commercial results. This continues our commitment to connect your call data to your CRM in a manner that is both elegant and actionable, while also suiting how you wish to operate.

Intelligent Match is ideal for our clients that prefer a programmatic approach to data sharing over a more manual one. Not only does this illuminate what’s truly making a difference to your bottom line, but saves hours of time every month from call staff inputting values. This benefit only adds more value when scaled up to enterprise level.

If you want to get a simple, clear picture on the revenue that your marketing campaigns are generating for your business, start a conversation with Infinity today.

Product Manager

Jon Penney
Product Manager

When he’s not helping craft great new features and solutions for Infinity's customers, Jon enjoys cooking and travel.

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