Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

14 Dec 2012 in News

As you can see we’ve been busy tracking Santa! Here’s hoping you are on track for a successful 2013. With festive cheer from all the team at Infinity Tracking.

No. of Children visited by Santa

This Visits report allows you to see the number of children Santa delivers gifts to. This is based on the statistic that in 2012 the World population of under 16’s is 2,076,067,926. In 2011 the World population of under 16’s was 1,941,429,495. Our calculations show that the number of new visits for 2012 is 134,638,431.

Presents made by the elves in 2012

Here the ratio of gift to child is 3:1. The Goal was to make the gifts in the allocated time period taking into account that in January the elves are on holiday.

75.5 million miles travelled in 31 hours @ 650 miles/second

Tracking Santa shows that his reindeer led sleigh has to travel 3000 times faster than the speed of sound in order to complete its route. There is still little known about the technology Santa uses to complete this task but it’s on our road map for next year!

Mince pies consumed

Analysing these stats it is easy to understand that Santa does get stuck in a number of chimneys. The World Health Organisation has recently issues guidelines to various households requesting that an alternative healthy snack is left out for Santa on Christmas eve rather than the traditional mince pies and sherry or milk and cookies.

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Head of Marketing

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