Infinity just hit 100!

22 Mar 2016 in News

Infinity has reached 100 five star ratings on the Google Apps Gallery

Infinity is rated Number 1 Call Tracking Service on the Google Apps Gallery and we have now reached 100 five star ratings. We pride ourselves on not only providing the best Call Tracking solution but also ensuring the service and support we give to our clients is of the highest standard. Read the reviews in the Google Apps Gallery from our clients and see what they have to say.

Infinity launch the new Knowledge Base

Infinity Call Tracking is available in over 50 countries with a range of advanced integrations to enable you to pass data from Infinity into many 3rd party systems. If you want to find out more on how Infinity can help you measure which marketing channels generate calls, and give insight into every touch point of your customer`s journey, give us a call today.

Head of Marketing

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Head of Marketing

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