Infinity at Symfony Live London 2013

24 Sep 2013 in Tech

We ran two competitions on the day and things kicked off to a great start, by 9.30am we already had six out of 10 winners of our first competition. We were giving everyone a Lego set to build an Infinity developer, 10 boxes of Lego contained a dev wearing a Hawaiian shirt – if you got the dev in the shirt you won a Raspberry Pi. This created quite a buzz around our stand, we also gave away Infinity t-shirts.

Everyone had a second chance of winning a Pi at the end of the day, we had another 10 to give away in the closing remarks where we ran an interactive quiz. We had a live dashboard and delegates entered the quiz using their own devices. This was a fastest finger first quiz and the questions were all about Symfony of course!

If you were a winner don’t forget to get in touch and let us know what you do with your Raspberry Pi. We will be blogging about what we are doing with our Pi’s soon.

The conference had an exceptional line up of experienced speakers along with a few new faces. Our Infinity dev team particularly enjoyed the live demo from Mathias Verraes titled “Extract till you drop” and they were seriously impressed by his refactoring skills. Talks by Dustin Whittle, Igor Wiedler and Craig Marvelley were also very good and “Building Better Developers” by Rowan Merewood was also highly interesting.

With Lego from Infinity and Nerf guns from My Builder in abundance, a few drinks in the pub to round things off and a fantastic day was had by all. What more could a dev want!

It was great to meet so many fellow devs in the community, if you are interested in joining our team, we’ve got an exciting future ahead for you to be a part of, get in touch today

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Carol Carini
Head of Marketing

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