How and why call tracking is needed for waste management companies

19 May 2020 in Marketing

If you specialise in removing garden waste, household goods, rubble, building materials, broken fences, or other forms of large waste, and get enquiries over the phone, you need to know what’s delivering those calls. This is where call tracking comes in, connecting your marketing efforts with the phone calls that generate business.

Why waste management companies need call tracking

As people are spending a lot of time in their homes, many are getting long-overdue tasks done around the house or in the garden. Much of this work needs someone to remove the waste, especially when people are unable to visit the tip. According to Google Trends, search volumes for the following terms were higher in March or April 2020 than they had been for any other month in the last five years.

  • Garden waste
  • Skip hire
  • Household waste
  • Waste removal

Meanwhile, other terms around recycling, electrical goods, landscaping removal, construction waste are also seeing higher search volumes than usual.

Plenty of these terms have firms investing in PPC, knowing people are looking for these services. But if you’re not tracking which of those terms are bringing in business, you could be paying for clicks that aren’t converting.

How call tracking works for waste management companies?


Pandemic over, now what?

Although this period of lockdown may have encouraged a lot of people to do some clearing out and DIY, there are still many more who would like to get work done on their homes or offices once it is safe to do so.

In fact, a study from LinkedIn found that of those still working, 47% are saving over £300 a month due to not spending as much and 12% are planning on spending those savings on home improvements and decorating. This is often accompanied by a need for waste management or removal of some sort, meaning this isn’t likely to be a short term blip in interest.

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1) LinkedIn research post, LinkedIn, (April 2020)

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