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14 Dec 2015 in News

The holiday season is upon us and the staff in the Infinity offices have been getting into the festive spirit.

You may have already spotted that we published a Christmas version of our website recently to get everyone into the spirit. Here is a summary of all things festive so far at Infinity:

  • Cards sent out: 587
  • Secret Santa presents under the tree so far: 6
  • Christmas tracks added to the playlist: 326
  • Christmas jumpers worn: 12
  • Mince pies eaten: 0 (I think I'll be going out to buy some today! I personally am very disappointed by this stat!)
  • Christmas chocolates eaten: a lot!

... and climbing

Our office hours during the holiday period

  • 24 December - Early Office Closing (3pm – London / 11am - New York)
  • 25 December - Office Closed
  • 28 December - Office Closed
  • 1 January - Office Closed

Support over the Holiday period

As always our systems are continually monitored 24/7 by our engineering team. If you have any queries please contact your Account Manager directly or in case of an emergency ring one of our support numbers below.

  • Critical Priority cases will be looked at immediately and the engineer on call will get back to you with a resolution or update.
  • High and Normal Priority cases will be dealt with by our Support Team during office hours.
  • More information on our Priorities Definitions can be found here.

Support Numbers

UK Numbers:

  • 0808 2502 999 - Freephone
  • 0333 1222 999 – Local Rate

US Numbers:

  • 855-707-2911 – Toll free number
  • 646-844-9911 – Toll number

Platform Status

The status of the core components of the Infinity Platform can be checked at our Service Status Page.

We wish you all a Happy Holiday.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Alex Worth
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing enthusiast at Infinity and when not at work is kept on her toes by two cheeky little boys.

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