Happy birthday to us!

16 Nov 2011 in News

Today, we are celebrating our first birthday.  After two years of hard work developing our next generation call tracking solution, setting up the company back in March 2010, Infinity was ready to be launched into the market last November.  A year on and it has been adopted by three of the largest international travel brands and we are jolly pleased with ourselves – so why not celebrate!

We’ve had hundreds of cupcakes made and we are sending them out across the country. The cakes iced with our company logo are being sent to our key clients and friends, that’s if the delicious pink treats actually make it out of the office!

Within a year of our launch, we have established ourselves as a market leader with an innovative and exciting product. It might just be possible to have your cake and eat it after all!

Read the Press Release.

Head of Marketing

Carol Carini
Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing. Mama. Tea drinker. Skier. Photography, Marketing & Tech Stuff. Football fan by proxy!

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