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Real audience insight,
at scale

Infinity's Conversation Analytics suite shines a light on the many truths contained within each phone conversation you have with your callers. Use this for smarter attribution, strategic agility, and training phone agents faster.

While our Call Tracking technology tells you what led to a call, Conversation Analytics tells you what happened on the call, at scale.


Unparalleled insight into the true thoughts and actions of your customers.

  • Reduce customer acquisition cost

  • Improve strategic agility

  • Attribute specific conversions


Discover what's leading to closed sales and multiply your successes.

  • Hit sales targets faster

  • Increase average order value

  • Decrease churn

Call centres

Deliver a smoother experience that delights every time.

  • Reduce average handling time

  • Curate efficient customer journeys

  • Solve more basic queries online


Perpetual improvement

Use custom-built scorecards to raise standards of service, success, and experience right across the board. These can be at agent, team, or company level.

  • Rapidly improve agent performance
  • Identify success traits
  • Quick, easy access in one place
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Call outcomes.

Pinpoint the difference

Define the key words or phrases that lead to the outcomes you care about. Identify, score and log these calls at scale to understand what drove those outcomes.

  • Attribute outcomes to paid social and search activity
  • Identify successful calls to train phone agents
  • Optimise marketing tactics for improved ROI


Discover the calls that drove instant revenue

Recognises the precise moments when a caller gives payment details, enabling you to catalogue these converting calls for analysis and training.


Start seeing value

Jump on the fast track to true audience insight with our built-in testing functionality and setup wizard. In minutes, you can spot the keywords that matter to you on all calls.


What you want at your fingertips

Stop wasting hours of time listening to calls without finding what you're looking for. Instantly find all calls with the outcomes and keywords you desire, plus the crucial moments.


Privacy protection is paramount

Detects and immediately removes sensitive details such as address and card numbers. Enabling you to record and store calls without compromising on privacy.


Constant discovery

Automatically highlight conversation trends before you know you have them. Use insights like these to improve service, refine your brand, and position your offering faster:

  • Reduce customer acquisition cost

  • Improve strategic agility

  • Attribute specific conversions

Sentiment Analysis.

Calmly improve first call resolutions

The mood of a caller and how an agent adapts to it can greatly impact the outcome of a conversation. Sentiment Analysis can identify the sentiment of a call as well as its eventual outcome, enabling you to give nuanced training to contact centre staff.

"Keyword spotting has a huge benefit, not only to identify sales, but also to highlight key themes and topics of conversation."
Cai Mullins Head of Affiliates and Partnerships Vodafone's journey
"Infinity’s suite is very flexible, the results are immediate, and we are learning things we didn't know before."
Mark Woodcock Commercial Director - Travel Discover our insights
"It makes it easy for our marketing and operations teams to isolate and understand certain types of enquiry."
James Boyle Head of Performance Marketing Understand the data

Conversation Analytics playbooks
Ready, set, go

Download the playbooks to uncover how Conversation Analytics can answer some of the most common questions that marketing and contact centre teams have.

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