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21 Jan 2021 in


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This blog comes from Infinity's Director of Customer Experience, Sam Hill, who has been with us since mid-2020. Sam’s team handles our onboarding, support, training, solutions and customer success. He has been working on enterprise accounts for over a decade, most recently as a Client Partner at Greenlight Digital.

You never hear anyone telling the world “our customer service is rubbish,” especially in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. If everyone is great, how can you be special?

Arriving at Infinity, it became clear to me that we look to achieve that by never resting on our laurels.

As I’ve looked under the bonnet, our CX team should be proud of the standard of service we already provide to our customers. This is clearly apparent through the quality of our case studies, G2 reviews and badges, satisfaction scores, and award recognition, including our win at the UK Business Technology Awards late last year.

A top quality customer experience has been a crucial pillar in our success, differentiating us from our competitors, and six months into this role I can see why.


Raising the bar

What really excites me - and should excite our clients - is how we’re going to raise the bar tomorrow.

Once, we were aiming to offer a ‘Best in Class’ customer experience for the call tracking industry. It was a committed effort where we had a vision, we built a strategy, we set targets, and we made investments in hiring, technology, and training.

Looking forward, we strive to be an exemplary brand in the whole SaaS field. But that doesn’t happen by accident.

A big theme of our 10th birthday celebrations is looking forward. I can’t tell you what our customer experience will be in ten years time, but I can give you a look at some key steps we’ll be taking in 2021.

Your voice becomes louder

Client feedback has had a huge role in informing our existing product development and overall experience. It’s given us great feedback, and our next phase involves improving both the scale and ease of gathering that feedback.

This includes:

  • Improving how we facilitate quick, ongoing product and service feedback
  • More client discovery conversations with myself and our Chief Product Officer
  • Expanding our alpha and beta testing capacities for new features

This feedback will be used to improve our range of solutions, deliver a more relevant service, and understand how we can deliver even more value with our customer experience.

Elevated conversations

Across our client and partner base, we have some incredible relationships, both short and long term. I’ve been inspired by how engaged people are with our customer experience team, all sharing a passion for making the most of our platform.

It’s in everyone’s best interests that we build on those relationships, learn more about the value we can bring, and share useful expertise as much as possible.

We’ve looked very closely at this, and some of the areas we have been working to add beneficial insights to our clients include:

  • The technology stack our customers operate
  • Leveraging more of Infinity’s platform to generate positive business outcomes
  • Tailoring tactical advice to specific client roles
  • Maintaining a strong understanding of our clients’ various industries

The knowledge within this team astounds me on a day-to-day basis. We serve a wide range of personas and verticals with a wide range of tech integrations to pick from, yet their hunger to learn more to improve the experience we bring to our clients is highly motivating.

Why stop here?

If your US or UK arm of your company is using Infinity, enjoying it, and seeing real results, why wouldn’t you want to replicate that success elsewhere?

Over the last few months, we’ve been helping some clients do just that with some significant international roll-outs, and are in advanced talks with plenty more looking to do the same. These scaled-up solutions offer far-reaching benefits and insights, and my team is working closely with our clients to ensure these projects deliver the best results possible.

But that’s not all, with the launch of our Instagram and Facebook Ads integration there’s also a renewed focus from our clients on linking Infinity across their technology suite, from bid management platforms to CRM systems and more.

2021 will have renewed opportunities for businesses all over the globe, and we’re ready to ensure you’re best placed to take advantage of those opportunities.

We’ll Meet Again

As the video below shows, Our Success events at The Shard were really gathering steam at this point a year ago.

We’ve held webinars, meetups, and other online events over the last year, but having the time off from face-to-face events has given us ample opportunity to think about what else we can do with them. Our initial plans have been pushed back on more than one occasion now, but we can promise they will be back, and will be an unmissable date for your diary.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of working with a world class call intelligence provider then do start a conversation with us today, we’d love to discuss how we can help you thrive in 2021 and beyond. If you want to know more about the experience we offer our clients, please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Sam Hill

Sam Hill

VP of Growth
Sam is VP of Growth at Infinity. By using data-driven insights, Sam focuses on delivering first-class customer experiences to drive value, revenue and growth.

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