[PODCAST] Pendragon & Infinity's tips for finding a new digital gear in automotive

24 Nov 2020 in Marketing

Despite the challenges of 2020, people all over the world still dream of wrapping their fingers around the steering wheel of a brand new vehicle. The smell of a fresh car lingering faint in the air as they wind down the windows of a sleek, elegant dream mobile, one which practically and metaphorically encapsulates a brighter tomorrow, exciting growth, or a more refined identity for the driver.

But the journey to get to that wistful point has been altered, and your digital experience needs to reflect that in 2020 and beyond.

Infinity were recently invited onto Armchair Marketing's podcast to discuss this very topic, and were joined by senior marketing figures from our clients at Pendragon. The all-star cast looks like this:

Kim Costello - CMO at Pendragon Owen Gill - Head of Digital Transformation at Pendragon Warren Newbert - CEO at Infinity

Their fascinating talk that touched on both specific tactics and broader strategies, including:

  • What to focus on during lockdown
  • The first steps to transforming your digital space, and why you need to take them
  • Strengthening the whole journey, not just the end sale

Our CEO Warren Newbert was also selected for a Spotlight Session on The Armchair Show. Warren shares a wealth of knowledge to help car dealers to navigate the digital landscape, with advice for those starting out, all the way to people in advanced marketing roles across the automotive industry.

Warren also touches on some of the exciting developments we have been making for automotive marketers and contact centres, as well as how to make the best use of the data we provide to create truly transformational changes.

If you're an automotive marketer and would like more ideas on getting the best out of your marketing spend, download our free eBook on driving best practice in digital marketing.

Every call to an automotive dealership is hugely important. If you'd like to understand what messaging and activity is connecting with your customers, and getting them to take a test drive, you need to be able to connect their digital journey to their phone call. If you'd like to find out how call tracking helps you achieve this, see how Infinity works with the automotive industry here.

Product Marketing Manager

Andy Vale
Product Marketing Manager

Andy has spent years obsessively analysing how businesses can unlock value from engagements with their audience. Outside his family, his main loves are Woking FC, his Xbox, and his National Trust membership.

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