Infinity launches new integration with AB Tasty

15 Jul 2019 in

AB Tasty is one of the world’s biggest, most powerful experimentation and personalisation platforms. Infinity’s integration with AB Tasty lets you conduct experiments and see the impact on phone calls, giving a more complete view of the impact that site changes are having on phone traffic.

When an end user is shown a page as part of an AB Tasty experiment, Infinity's call tracking capabilities capture details of which variant they were shown, together with the test and campaign it belongs to.

When that end user subsequently makes a phone call, you can record that call as an offline conversion and pass that into AB Tasty, so you can understand the impact of your tests on phone traffic. You can test changes to design and copy and see which changes lead to more valuable and engaging phone calls.

"Conversion Rate Optimisation isn't only about website optimisation - it's about the entire omnichannel user journey. Our integration with Infinity will allow AB Tasty and Infinity clients to get an even fuller picture of this journey, more insight into which experiments work (and don't work), and how to offer a more seamless UX to their own end users."

Jean-Yves Simon | VP Product, AB Tasty

If you are an existing Infinity client, contact your customer success manager to begin setting up the integration with your AB Tasty account.

If you use AB Tasty and would like to understand the impact your experimentation and optimisation is having on phone calls, start a conversation with Infinity today by dropping us a line, sending a message here, or having a live chat with us in the box on the right.

Jon Penney

Jon Penney

Product Manager
When he’s not helping craft great new features and solutions for Infinity's customers, Jon enjoys cooking and travel.

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