Highlights and Insights 2021: Customer Experience

17 Dec 2021 in

The holiday season is here! But before we un-freeze our turkeys, stock up on mulled wine and clock off for Christmas, we thought it would be fitting to share some of our stories and reflections on the past year.

And what a year 2021 has been! Not only was this the year we began ‘hybrid working’, we’ve also strengthened our team with new VP hires, we’ve reimagined our company values, we were winners of the Make A Difference Award, highlighting our support to our colleagues’ health and wellbeing through the pandemic, and, if that wasn’t enough, Infinity and ResponseTap merged to make us ‘stronger together’, which has been a ground-breaking triumph, bringing a succession of team wins and victories for our clients.

So how has the merging of ResponseTap and Infinity shaped our business this year? What are our future plans for growth? And why is 2022 set to be one of our best years yet?

Read on as the first of five members of our team share their 2021 highlights and insights:

First up in our series is Sam Hill, Director of Customer Experience…

"Hi Sam! What has been your highlight of the year?"

My highlight has been the merging of Infinity and ResponseTap and becoming stronger together as a result! It’s also been great getting to know new and talented people. Now our processes, our systems and our people are aligned, it’s going to bring a heap of benefits to our customers too.

"What are you looking forward to next year?"

I’m really looking forward to completing migrating our Responsetap customers to the Infinity platform, providing them with enhanced services for our customers, and bringing to market more exciting features.

"Can you tell us how merging Infinity and ResponseTap is going to elevate the customer experience?"

Absolutely! We now have a bigger and more powerful customer experience team and we’re amalgamating the best of both companies in our approach to supporting our customers.

This is going to bring a lot more value to our customers’ businesses. Now, we’re more focused on customer data and metrics than ever before, enabling constant review and improvement to experiences. We’re continually improving our product features and bringing new, innovative tools to market and this will prove invaluable to the customers’ experiences.

"If you had to sum up this year with a single word, what would it be?"


"Finally, Sam, can you tell us about how the landscape of customer service is changing and how customers can prepare for 2022?"

Customers are continually wanting faster, more personalised experiences as well as an increased variety of omnichannel platforms to engage with businesses, from social media, text, WhatsApp, video, email, call, live chat, etc. Offering all these engagement channels, being able to manage and personalise the customers’ journeys is what businesses need to invest their efforts in.

Not only this, it’s also vital that you can understand the sentiment and experience of customer engagements and constantly learn and improve from them. To achieve all this at scale will require investment in the right technology stack and the right people.

Thank you so much for these insights, Sam – it’s exciting to hear about Infinity’s vision for improving the customer experience in alignment with the enhancement of our products. But the exciting changes don’t end there – in fact, they’ve only just started!

Watch this space for our next in our series of Highlights and Insights as we chat to our Head of Training, Lily Lawrence, as she tells us about how the training team has evolved, delivering higher quality, outcome-driven and focused training to staff and what employee training will look like next year…

Michelle Param

Michelle Param

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Michelle is the Content Manager at Infinity. She’s well versed in crafting content across a variety of sectors, with a specialism in technology, including cyber security, business IT trends, digital transformation and government IT.

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