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In this series of short blogs, we look at how Infinity impacts our own day-to-day lives, as well as those of some of our customers. Alex Worth has worked in Digital Marketing on both client and agency side for over 12 years, and is currently Infinity’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager.

Alex Worth Having worked at Infinity since its inception, I am passionate about having smart insights as a sidekick that empowers my ideas and skills to go further. Not simply gathering data for the sake of it, but capturing and using what’s relevant to my role and embedding it into my daily activities.

As a company, our impetus is to act with creativity, relevance, and accuracy in a data-driven manner. Therefore, all of my work is based on what’s moving the needle in the real world through constant analysis and refinement. There’s nowhere to hide, and that’s how I perform best. Here are some of the activities I need to be on top of every day, and how Infinity ensures I am:

PPC Strategy

Making sure our search activity is fully optimised and capturing the most relevant traffic is something that requires regular monitoring. Doing this properly requires full visibility of how prospects act after they first click on a keyword, and not losing sight of what happened once they pick up the phone to talk to us.

You can’t build a strategy using half-complete data. A lot of the PPC keywords I use are generic terms that people search when they are in their initial research phase. I do this because Infinity has proven to me that these are keywords people often find us with, before calling us up to discuss making a purchase on a future visit. These precise keywords that convert are the holy grail of PPC marketing.

If I didn’t have this level of long-term insight, I might switch off these first-touch clicks in favour of ones that convert people who are already further down the funnel. In doing so, I would be cutting off touch-points that make valuable assists in converting, decreasing our results over time.

Social media

We constantly have an active mix of paid social campaigns going across different social channels, and monitoring their performance is something I do daily. But what Infinity adds is the ability to see precisely which social channel (and even which specific post) has led to clicks from people who went on to become customers.

In the last week alone, I’ve identified new customers who recently clicked on content that we had shared on Twitter before calling us. This is fed back to other areas of the marketing team to know what’s connecting with the most relevant audience to us.


Display is about more than clicks alone, it’s a digital billboard that’s building brand recognition and awareness. If this wider awareness strategy is done successfully, we jump the queue in a prospect’s mind when they’re considering how to improve their digital optimisation, streamline contact centres, improve sales conversions, or tackle another problem that we are a solution for.

When assessing how our display ads are performing, I consult the results in Infinity to see which of our prospects saw our ads before converting, and how the impressions influenced their buying decision. When I notice a strong correlation between a particular advert and its viewers converting, I increase our investment in it and look to see what aspects are replicable.

Do you want to get the edge with your digital marketing too? These are only a handful of the benefits we offer, start a conversation with Infinity today to see what we bring to your table.

If you're interested in seeing how Infinity is used by other roles, see our blogs on a day in the life of an Infinity sales manager and an SVP of customer success.

What do other digital marketers think?

HomeserveInfinity is certainly a step up from our previous partner, with greater data detail and potential that is already driving our business forward. Catering to our growing and more complex needs with a tailored and customisable package. But the real stand out and key difference is the customer service - we have a dedicated account manager that has given great support and understanding and has enabled us to maintain and meet our nimble and flexible requirements. Recommended."

Joe Bloomfield | Paid Digital, Data & Analytics Manager, Homeserve Heating Services Limited

CALA HomesInfinity plays a large role in our data analysis, allowing us to fill in the gaps of call goal measurement which Google Analytics doesn't provide, and giving us a greater understanding of marketing effectiveness. Our Account Manager Daisy is extremely helpful, as are all members of the support team who are quick and friendly in their responses.

Kathleen McLaughlin, | Digital Marketing Manager, CALA Homes

Sk;n"Knowing where our return on advertising spend is working best is a truly beneficial insight and has become one of our most vital metrics."

James Morgan | Head of Digital, Sk:n

Alex Worth

Alex Worth

Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Digital marketing enthusiast at Infinity and when not at work is kept on her toes by two cheeky little boys.

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